Friday, March 10, 2006

Top 6 Friday Conspiracy Theories

After watching the video about 9/11 I thought I would do a top 6 Conspiracies. Anyone care to add their own favorite.

6. Aliens are amongst us from Roswell New Mexico to Finner Camp in Donegal. Aliens are amongst us. The only major questions is why if they are intelligent life do they appear in rural American and not Washington D.C. They are being kept in jars in Donegal. It was on Nationwide a few years ago. Might explain Ian Paisley and why he was used as a model for the Vogons in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

5. Elvis is still alive. The king is alive and talking on CB radio's through out the mid-west of America.

4. The Moon landing was faked. This was parodied in none of the Bond Films. Possibly Diamonds are forever.

3. 9/11 was a plot by George W Bush.

2. The Irish conspiracy for World Domination. We control America and one day the world. Oh crap better keep it quiet. To all my American readers. Top of the Morning to you and shamrocks and Guinness

1. John F Kennedy , The granddaddy of all theories. The grassy knoll, back and to the left, the magic bullet theory, Kevin Costner, Mafia, Anti-Castro pigeons seen saying coo coo in Dallas. It has it all.


CK said...

I have no idea how to create a link back to my 'Mary, Mary quite contrary.' but therein lies the biggest threat to the stability of Irish politics.

Also, that John Lennon shot Elvis, that Charlie Chaplin is Clint Eastwoods father and that Osama Bin Laden is dead and they will wheel him out at the next election to pull in some votes are serious concerns.

Simon said...

just for future reference

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But ya the marian conspircy is certainly up there.
CK's link

Godwhacker said...

I think it is important to look at all of these things individually. We should not group them all together. Just because there are no little green men at Area 51, does not mean Kennedy was not assassinated by a fascist military coup or the 9/11 was not orchestrated to achieve political goals that would have been impossible otherwise.

6 ~ Do aliens walk among us? Maybe, but I seriously doubt it.
5 ~ Is Elvis still alive? I don't think so, but if he was I would imagine that he does not want to be bothered which is fine by me.
4 ~ Was the Moon landing faked? Who knows? But if it was faked, I think the Russians would have come out and said so.
3 ~ Was 9/11 a plot by George Bush? I could not tell you for sure, but the motivation was there. Forces within the United States have been trying to pass "The Patriot Act" for years before 9/11. It was only after 9/11 that the act was passed, and that has lead to a drastic concentration of power in the hands of our Federal Government and seriously diminished rights for the American people.
2 ~ The Irish don't control the world, they just make the best lovers and the best beer ;)
1 ~ Kennedy? The United States Senate Select Comity on Assassination concluded that Kennedy was murdered in a conspiracy and sealed all records on the matter until 2025. That is not theory, that is fact. For a watered-down version of their findings Click Here.

You did leave out several important conspiracies.
Two of the most significant are the death of Princess Diana, and the origins of the AIDS epidemic.

Human history is filled with atrocities. We should not be naive to that tendency lest we be doomed to repetition.

Simon said...

ya kennedy is the most pausable of them all alright.

I remember a priest telling us (religion class) that aids had orginally come from monkeys so someone must have had sex with one got the disease and then spread it into the human population

Anonymous said...

A monkey had AIDS, The Monkey then died in a river, then people drank from the river and got the disease, they then spread the disease by having sex with other living people who travel around the world and spread it even more.