Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ask Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird is having a live Web Chat on RTE at the moment and you can ask him questions.

I asked

Do you think RTE did not live up to its public service remit by not changing its scheduled programming to cover the riots live. Considering that, that info could have been vital for peoples safety.
But have yet to receive an answer.

Update: I have asked a more lets say less controversial question.

When you traveled to places like Northern Iraq in 1991. How did you get there. Did Saddam let you in or did you sneak over the border.

Just to see if my other question was skipped due to too many questions for him to answer rather then lets say RTE not wanting to answer it.

Update: Alas he answered neither question. Was he swamped with questions? Do RTE think "how do you make chicken Kiev" is a more interesting question?


Eamonn said...

In all fairness, i can sleep easy tonight knowing that Charlie's favourite colour is, in fact, blue.

Simon said...

Ya I mean imagine the controversy if he said it was orange