Monday, March 13, 2006

Time for happy dance, think-tank agrees with me.

Some time ago I disagreed with Richard Waghourne when he said. I don't have a problem with inequality, either of income or of opportunity, though I believe people are far better off in a free society rather than a planned society in any case.

My argument was that the country need equal opportunity of education. As as a Knowledge economy we need the best of the best not the best of the rich. I have no problem with people going to private schools but they shouldn't get an educational advantage over poorer people who have to stay in the public sector. Anyway.

The Lisbon Council agrees with me. ( The Lisbon Council is according to the BBC part of the OECD although I can find no link to the OECD on their website Although they do host each other for talks.) Their Conclusions

  • creating a system of sustainable and high-quality educational institutions with the freedom to respond to demand
  • developing higher education systems to improve access, quality and equality
  • encouraging public and private funding
  • ensuring universities are governed by a wider range of stakeholders than the academic community.
(emphasis mine) They also call for investment in the early stages of education. Another belief of mine. So I will now go do the I'm the man happy dance.

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