Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Should the Dossing Times move host

Hey readers do you think I should get wordpress hosting with a .Com address. Would anything be gained by it. Feel free to add a comment with our opinion.


United Irelander said...

Nah. Waste of time imo.

I think you shuld install Haloscan though.

Simon said...

But does a .com look better. I have the wordpress blog already designed with some added features. (i got the programming bug again) So might be a shame to not use them

I will think about haloscan if i don't move.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of WordPress - I like how customisable it is, in terms of layout, design and commenting. Live preview comments are much more fun than Haloscan, IMHO :)

The only issue is cost: it works out a little more than a TypePad account, which is what I first used, but that's more than Blogger.

If you're into programming, I'd say go for it!

Anonymous said...

Wordpress is a nice tool to have as it allows more freedom; blogger is a little bit restrictive in ways (like the comments, for example, why are they on a seperate page??).
A .com address is a nice thing to have too, easier to use than dossing.blogspot.com etc. etc., although I wouldn't get it just for that reason.
If you have your own site you could work some new features into it besides blogs too, like polls on seperate pages etc. etc.

I got my own domain after making a site for a college project, it seemed like the natural thing to do to have a more intergrated blog, so I made the switch from blogger to WP.. still can't get my blogger archive transfered properly though (however WP 2.0 seems to have a better import set up than 1.5, trying it now)!