Monday, March 20, 2006

McDowell vs Bruton

If you want a good debate in Irish politics. You need one Michael McDowell. Here from RTE's news at one. I would be interested to here both sides to this. Statistics are always open to manipulation and would like to read the stats my self before commenting. But the radio exchanges are well worth a listen.

News At One: Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell hits back at Fine Gael comments that he is not doing enough to fight crime

News At One: Richard Bruton TD, Deputy Leader Fine Gael and party spokesman, responds to Minister McDowell's comments

Update: 17:40. I am looking into the stats and will write longer about this later but first things first. As of the end of 2005 the figure was 3,742 in Dublin. In February 2005 the figure was 3704. Which is an increase of 38. So if Richard Bruton's figure of 3740 is correct then that means there was a loss of 36 between Janurary and February 2005. This may be due to retirements taking place in Janurary and new recruits joining in March. I will do more digging. Update 1755: Also crime rates are dropping while detection is falling.


Anonymous said...

You need to change B(ur)ton to B(ru)ton, and I know you don't mind having that pointed out to you.

Simon said...

Thanks. It is done. I'll havev something more substantial later.

EWI said...

If you want a good debate in Irish politics. You need one Michael McDowell

Rather, if you want good entertainment in Irish politics you need McDowell...