Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Programming help

Hey everyone. Just working on some stuff for the Irishelection site and just wondering does anyone out there know how to either get a web page to load a different style sheet if the resolution of the computer is under 1024 and also does anyone know how to get a bash file to delete the first line of a file and rewrite it with a set pattern or delete a certain portion of the first line. Help appreciated. Update: I managed to get the line deleted. Using a bash script. If anyone is interested in how let me know. Still no idea on the stylesheet though


Unknown said...

If you want to fix most of the problems you get with the K2 template you need to go into the options and select 'Fixed Width' in place of 'Flexible Width' that'll fix 99% of the problems with that template.

I know I haven't answered your question at all but that does fix a lot of things.

Simon said...

the problem with that is it total fucks up the template in internet explorer