Sunday, March 19, 2006

Labour, Consistency in a party gone mad?

Ah it is always refreshing to see a party that is consistent in its policy. It really is a breath of fresh air in a country where people say what gets them elected not what they believe in Take the Labour party for instance. On Patrick’s day Michael D came out and said that “Taoiseach must obtain commitment from Bush on undocumented Irish”. Basically what they want to stop the American government imposing strict border and immigration controls. (I hope all of you can see where this is going).

They ask of the American government that “There would be no cap on these visas and applicants would receive work and travel authorisation.” This coming from the party that wants to put in place restrictive work permits on foreign nationals that are already allowed in this country. I can just see what Michael D would say if one of the main leaders in America lets say Condoleezza Rice for someone on the other side of the political fence came out and said that there was “4 million Irish you know” some how I doubt the word “unfortunate” would appear any where in his statement. Consistency eh?.

Does anyone not see the irony that the Irish anti-immigrant party and lets face that is what they are coming wants to dictate to a foreign government that they should be more pro-immigrant. Are the American workers not equally in danger of “displacement” and a “race to the bottom”? Or is it not the case that most of these immigrants are of benefit of the economy and the Labour party see this in America. Yet they do not see it in Ireland.

They may once have been the liberal socialist party of Irish politics but now that title falls to the sometimes loony but utterly sincere Greens. Hopefully all you liberal socialists out there will realise that and not vote for anti-immigrants.

One of the many things from Labour especially Labour Youth (In fairness most of them still have their idealism) like to trumpet is that the other party just say what will get them elected. Which is quiet true in many cases. However the thing is they are doing the exact same thing except they are going for much primal instincts of the voters then the rests “Vote for me and I’ll fix the road” type of voter promises. Where before under Ruari Quinn where they said this is what we stand for and we will not go into government without our policies being implemented. They stood for integrity and ideals both great assets. Now they don’t stand for anything other then vote getting and hypocrisy.

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