Thursday, August 31, 2006

On Irish Election


So from tomorrow if you have an illegally held firearm you can hand it into your local Garda station and not get arrested. This is as part of the governments effort to reduce crime. But in fairness it is a waste of time.

In Ottawa Canada they ran quiet a successful one where 506 firearms were handed in. So it sounds like a good idea but one of the key quotes from the police chief of Ottawa Vince Bevan. Was that “Our intent was to increase community safety, by reducing the potential of unwanted firearms getting into the hands of those who may use them to carry out criminal acts,” See that is the difference with a gun amnesty in Canada and one in Ireland. In Canada guns are quiet common in Ireland they are all ready in the hands of those who may use them to carry out criminal acts. A gun amnesty is going to do little to curb the rise of gun crime.

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Update:McDowell you are still cool

TV Hell

A poll compiled by Informa Telecoms and Media looking at the viewing habits of 20 countries has found that CSI:Miami is the most popular show in the world. We can confidently expect the seas to start boiling and for it to rain blood anytime soon. The top 10 is as follows: 1. CSI Miame 2. Lost 3. Desperate Housewives 4. Te Voy a Ensenar a Querer (I will teach you to love) 5. The Simpsons 6. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 7. Without a Trace 8. Innocente de Ti (Innocent of you) 9. Anita, No Te Rajes! (Anita Don't Give Up) 10. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Morning News

I love the 10 commandments thing.

I am going to start a book.

I have had this book sitting in the corner of the room for the last year and have yet to touch. I bought it thinking it might be a good read but when I got it and its 1090 pages. I decided it will stay in the corner. But I have decided to pull it out and start it. It is by Roger Penrose and is called the Road to Reality A complete guide to the Universe. And has such delightful sections as 26.3 infinite-dimensional algebras and 17.2 Spacetime for Galilean relativity. Wish me luck.

The Life

Nice pic by one of my most read blogs Branedy . That is what I like about Ireland. Sitting outside of a pub watching the world go by. If only Kinsale was not full of Cork people. :)

Don't Go

Paige is threatening to quit as
"I hope that you will excuse my discontinuing as a blogger. I genuinely donÂ’t feel worthy of the description owing to my lack of original talent and the selfish (childish) reason that I started blogging."
Which is funny as the post she wrote to say it. Is very good and original. She explains why she started blogging which is a lot more interesting then my story of a misaligned Chinesee laser cavity. Which I know sounds like a cool story but isn't trust me. It was misaligned so I couldn't do anything so I had time to doss. Hence the name Dossing Times. Anyway Paige keep up the work.

More Emails from Republicans

Got this in the email.

Dear NRCC supporter,

Republican Congressional candidates are facing a desperate situation nationwide. Our candidates in targeted districts are in very serious danger of losing on Election Day. And if we lose those swing districts, the Democrats will undoubtedly win the majority on November 7th.

Act now!

As Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, I have not personally seen a more grave and dire situation for Republicans. That is why I need your immediate attention.

There are very few “safe” seats in Congress this election year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has mobilized itself and is providing unprecedented support to candidates. The Democrats want to win the majority and they will do everything to achieve their goal.

A few weeks ago, our political director, Mike McElwain, informed you that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had made a $50 million dollar media buy. We knew the Democrats were spending huge amounts of money to promote their ultra-liberal candidates and destroy the reputations of Republicans with false information and lies, but this is worse than I expected. The media buy combined with the support from liberal 527’s makes for a destructive Democratic force.

That is why I need your immediate help.

We must match the Democrats’ media buy and get Republicans on TV. We must increase our grassroots support. And we must be proactive in helping our targeted candidates communicate with the American public, particularly because the liberal media is drowning out the conservative message.

We cannot wait another day to act.

There are ten short weeks until Election Day and the Democrats have surpassed us in countless ways. As Republicans, we know how to mobilize volunteers and voters and how to help candidates with whatever they might need. We now must act on our knowledge, but we can only be effective with your help.

Please go to this secure link and make your most generous contribution of $35, $50 or even $200, by September 1st. We have to start September strong and put your generous contribution to work right now for Republican candidates.

There is no time to wait. We must show the Democrats that our party is stronger and more united than ever in the battle for Congress. Please make your most generous contributions at this link by the end of the week. I appreciate your help and quick action.

It is gas really "beware the ultra-liberals" like they are the bogey man. I am really begining to think that the war on terror is not a war on terror but a war on Democrats. Which is a pity as the war on terror is in principle not a bad thing. If there are any Americans reading this. Vote for a third party canidate.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They just don't make them like this anymore.

Classic Animaniacs. The Anvilania one. Enjoy.

. Those were the good old days.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nasrallah honesty

From Naharnet.
Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Sunday that if he had known the capture of two Israeli soldiers would lead to such a war, he wouldn't have ordered it.
*cough* Bullshit *cough*

Hat tip (Macdara)

Thin Women

Here is an excellent article in the Observer about the new trend of uber thinness on women and why
The shape we're in Why women are to blame for our obsession with being thin.
It really is a bit perplexing for us men because as the article says
It's nothing to do with men (heaven knows, few men actually fancy the perilously thin females glorified by women; most would swap five Posh Spices for a Jennifer Lopez any day), and everything to do with competition between females.

Humbling of the supertroops shatters Israeli army morale

Find a link here for an article in The Sunday Times taking an in-depth look at the tactics used in the conflict between Hizbollah and Israel and the unease created by Israel's logistical and intel failures.

Recent posts of mine on IrishElection

Oh Dear Scare-tactics media again

From the Sunday Times

IRISH people are more likely to be victims of crime than any other country in the EU — according to a new European commission study.

Now that is an indictment of the government. We really have the worst crime rate in the EU. Oh wait

the report, which is based on citizens’ experience and perceptions rather than government or police figures,

So basically we don’t have the worst crime we just think we do. So who’s fault is that then? Perhaps the media for always saying crime is high.

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Educational Disadvantage.

Looking through the local papers for the local paper section I was struck by the amount of references to the cost of going back to school. Education is to me the most important thing for a country to work on and should be the most important priority for any party. So when I see parties more interested in giving corporate welfare to Boeing then insuring that every kid gets a decent education I am not a happy bunny.

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Migrant Workers

The Irish Independent reports on the Government’s plans to introduce work permits for the 2 new accession states Romania and Bulgaria.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


For any of you who don't read check out the cartoons . Thanks to the bitsniff guys.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Eating Out.

Richard talks today about eating out. Eating out is one thing I do not like to do. I just hate the entire restaurant setting. With the ambience painted on the wall. The mock sense of intimacy with your conversation being over heard by all on sundry. Which makes you feel that you are a guest in the place where the conversation will only veer in the direction of quality of the broccoli and "ooh I like that light fixture" .

As for the etiquet thing it is all shite people trying to create utopian ideal of civility a neo-Austen world of tea and manners. A total charade for people to pretend that they are civil when they are not. Civility comes from within not by using the correct fork or knowing the correct wine glass to use with red.

But the worse aspect for me has to be being served. I feel incredibly uncomfortable being served by someone, as if I am better then them deserving service. I am just like them yet somehow I have been elevated to a level above them (for a right winger I am awfully communist). This just makes me incredible put off and I can never enjoy the meal.

Also I enjoy cooking and like seeing my friends enjoy my various concoctions. And to be honest I get an ego trip when I hear comments like “man that’s fucking lovely” or “that is a sexual cheesecake”. It really is the best part of the whole experience why would I pay someone else to do that part?

I rarely ever eat out and when I do it is usually not on my insistence. However there is one eating out experience that I always observe. Curry Cheese chips after a feed of Guinness. Which I enjoy in the fresh air with a plastic fork with friends where i can talk about any topic I want in the ambience of the night.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Official: Many rhymes now obsolete

Astronomers have decided that Pluto is not in fact a planet, reducing the number of planets in the solar system to 8 and rendering several "sequence of planet" rhymes obsolete. Oh yes, and thousands of science and school books are now out of date.

The scientist have agreed that for an object to be classified a planet it must satisfy the following conditions:

  • It must be in orbit around the Sun
  • it must be large enough that it takes on a nearly round shape
  • it has cleared its orbit of other objects
Although Pluto satisfies the first two conditions it fails the third as its eliptical orbit overlaps with that of Neptune and hence it hasn't cleared its orbit of other objects. Thus it is now classed as a "dwarf planet"

This is just another example of the small guy getting stepped on! It's blatantly discriminatory. Why hasn't Neptune been declassified under these new rules? After all if Plutos orbit overlaps Neptune then, if we get technical, surely both have failed to clear their orbits of other objects?

Damn elitist scientists!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Calling all Search engine experts

I am trying to improve 's Google presences which is pretty poor. If anyone could give me a few tips on how to advance it I would be appreciative cheers. You can email me on thedossingtimes at Thanks again

The EU's plan for Iran and Iraq, Conquer it

Just saw this on a pro EU Constitution website. Thought it was funny.

Gay Mitchell still not in the papers.

Still no word in the newspapers about Gay Mitchell's speech. Seriously what is the deal with this. Tom Parlon rigs a local radio txt poll and it gets covered on Budget day. Gay Mitchell talks about bring back the Monacary during the silly season. And what do we get. Nothing. Is it just me or is that strange. I know I sound like a broken record. But still strange.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dave Chapelle

If you don't know the guy you should. Here is 3 choice sketchs from him. Samual Jackson beer.

And Just watch this one. Trust me

And to finish off. Black Bush

Fine Gael the Monarchist party in the papers or not.

Is it just me are it strange that Irish Examineer Irish Times and Irish Independent do not seem to cover Gay Mitchell's speech. Does it not seem like a story to everyone else.?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fine Gael the Monarchist party?

From Irish Election

I am a republican in much the same ways as I think the vast vast majority of people in Ireland are. i.e. Everyone is created equal and no body by virtue of their birth should be considered better then someone else. You would think most Irish people would agree with that however it seems that Fine Gael are hinting that they would like to see Queen Elizabeth retake the Irish throne.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shocking Movie Moments

The critics of the Sunday Times have compiled a list of the 50 most shocking moments in film, categorised under sex, drugs, violence and religion.

The list seems comprehensive but I would unapolegetically add the admittedly predictable 'Psycho'. During some formative years I was lucky enough to watch Psycho without knowing the identity of the killer beforehand and the reveal unnerves me to this day.

The infamy of the shower scene distracts far too much from a resoundingly tense, suspenseful film. Earlier scenes where Marion Crane is stopped at traffic lights and her sisters walking up to the Bate's house and her shocking discovery towards the end literally began my interest in film.

Do you feel there are any omissions to the list?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Science In Ireland

Posted on Irish

As with every year the discussion of the Leaving Cert results centres around 2 things. 1 the gender gap which I will leave to someone else and 2 the decline in the sciences. So what can we do to increase the amount of people taking sciences in the secondary school and at third level. One of the big factors I think in the level of interest in sciences in Ireland is Arts Students.

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When you know Reuters didn't ask an expert

This is relation to the free energy thing. I have to say I bust my self laughing when I read this. From Reuters
The concept of "free energy" -- which contradicts the first law of thermodynamics that in layman's terms states you cannot get more energy out than you put in -- has divided the scientific community for centuries.
If anything in the world could be said to bring the Scientific community together it is the first law of thermodynamics. Divided the scientific community my arse.

Final Fantasy Physics

From Irish Times
A small Dublin-based company is seeking 12 scientists to verify its claims that it has developed technology that produces "free energy".
To quote Homor Simpson. We obey the laws of thermodynamics in this house. It is utter fantasy. The companies website is here. I am waiting for people to go on about big oil. Why create a panal of 12 scientist? Why have they not submitted for peer review in a scientific journal where all scientists can see their work? Just all smells of Shenanigans to me.

Update: Just thought of something. They published in the Economist instead of lets say Nature or even NewScientist. What is the average Economist reader, someone in Business what is the average reader not, a physicst. So if you were looking for scientist where would you advertise. Nature or the Economist. If you were looking for venture capital where would you advertise. Let me think. This stinks of Shenanigans

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New research shows 12 planets in Solar System

The world's astronomers and the International Astronomical Union have concluded two years of research that shows there may be 12 planets in our solar system. The work defined the difference between planets and the smaller solar system bodies, such as comets and astroids. If the definition is approved by the astronomers who gather at the IAU General Assembly in Prague this month, the solar system will include 12 planets, with more to come, according to the IAU.

The 12 recognised planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon and 2003 UB313 (provisional name). There are eight "classical planets": Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Ceres is a planet, but because it is smaller than Mercury, one may describe it as a "dwarf planet". A new category of planet is now defined: "plutons". Pluto (the prototype for this classification), Charon, and 2003 UB313 fall into the growing category of planets called "plutons".

The West must rebuild Lebanon .

The West must rebuild Lebanon because not only will the middle east lose possibly the only likely democracy outside of Israel but also we must stop Hezbollah, Iran and Syria gaining the power there. They are already ready to spend. From NY times

in addition to its hard-won reputation as the only Arab force that fought Israel to a standstill — is that it is already dominating the efforts to rebuild with a torrent of money from oil-rich Iran.

We must rebuild them stronger so to make sure the extremists fail to take over. The West needs a Marshall Plan for the Middle East.


Check out the new Irish Election Podcast. The sound is not great but we are new at this lark it will get better. But check it out.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Music and the national mood

The enduring memory of the 80s for much of the world is mullets, pop socks live aid and fame But in Ireland the memory is queues. Queues outside the American embassy for visas, queues for the bus to London, queues at the airport for the flights to Boston. Ireland in 1980s was dying. Money was tight and people struggled for every penny. Young people had no option but to leave, RTE had shows like Giz a job to teach the 20% of the population without a job, usually how to find a job. Ireland was nearly bankrupt. We were the disappearing Irish, many predicted that Ireland would be no more in a decade or 2 as everyone would have left to look for work. A joke at the time was the last person out would have to remember to turn off the lights. It was a miserable time. .

Our music always reflected this like “Missing you” by Christy Moore In Christy Moors song the chorus had the line “I give all for the price of a flight” the desire to return was all ways a strong message in the music. Shane McGowens tearful poetry about the Irish in Foreign shores, Fairytale of New York, Rainy day in Soho, Misty morning Albert Bridge. Songs about alcohol, depression and America. That music was of its time.

But now our country is booming. Instead of emigration we have immigration. As we are in dire need of the labour. Irish is no longer the second language Polish is. We are no longer an economic case study about how not to run a country we are now a case study about how to run one.

The music now is also of its time. We have the Celtic tiger cubs singing about why a girl does not like them and how they can spend their SSIA’s. We have come a nation that seems to have rebelled utterly from the sheer horror that was the 80s. Spending our money like there is no tomorrow thinking that if we stop the dream will end and we will no longer have Damian Rice whining on about how he can’t take his eyes off someone our music will be like the Pogues and Christy Moore of it’s time and truly tragic.

Whatever Richard thinks of the melodic properties of traditional music compared to Classic. There is two things that classical cannot do as well. Poetry

(you can see a poor quality version of Rainy night in Soho here)and capturing the time.

Monday, August 14, 2006

New blogger Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has started a blog. Hey Mahmoud or can I call you Mah welcome to the blogosphere. I wonder will Kim il yung come out with one or Chavez. Then we could have a blogosphere of Evil.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kofi Annan to Hizbollah's Rescue?

The link below is to an article in the Jerusalem Post from last week, delivering a scathing attack on the UN and its resolution just passed. It seems Israel wants the protection of the UN and the enforcement of resolutions against other nations but this of course does not apply to Israel who actively violate resolutions allowing the right of self-determination and right of return to 2 million people, engage in collective punishment and continue to build a 'security wall', each of which the UN have explicitly condemned and forbidden through resolutions. Article Here

Posts and stuff

Recent post about on about what we should do about Irish Foreign Policy. Ireland should be the nation with the table.

Also don't forget Karlos of A Northsider On The South Terrace is running a fantasy football game sign up before it is to late.

and don't forget you can't get Humas withouot mashing some chick pea's

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Public transport is shite

Took this picture in Limerick the other day. Ever feel that buses never come on time and when they do they come in pairs. Well they do. Now both those buses should be taking different routes into the city centre (304 and 304A) yet only one bus stops. Reliable eh. The only thing I can conclude is they all take their tea break at the same time. I have written before on Public transport. and Privatising the Bus Eireann Click to enlarge picture.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Irish Mime dancing

Just Wierd. Mimes fighting to the Dubliners And Pirates of the Caribbean cereal

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror effects.

It was one of Irelands greatest inventions, it offer the fodder for Christy Moore songs and it was the subject of a long battle with the EU. In 1947 Shannon airport opened the worlds first Duty Free shop. A real stroke of genius that is now the norm across the world. Everyone coming back from abroad has to come back with plentiful supplies of fags and booze for the people at home. Even though the EU banned duty free shops between member states the Travel Value shops still were busy. But in one day today all this is gone.

Due to the terror alerts people are forbidden from bringing any materials onto the planes everything has be checked in. Now as duty free is passed the check in area this means that unless people can have a separate Duty Free check in. They will be unable to buy anything in Duty free, other then food that they consume prior to getting on the plane. Sales of Whiskey, Cigarettes, electronics will all be gone.

How many jobs will lost due to this is still unclear but could be many. Will the airports install checks prior to duty free? This attack may have more effect on aviation then 9/11.

Also I heard a guy talking on Morning Ireland talking about his start-up business creating systems to allow people to make mobile calls on aircraft. I guess this business is dead now. The terrorist have certainly won something here, as they have made us change.

David Cameron Saves the day

Got this email today ( I get a lot of weird emails) in relation to the recent terror alert in London.

The latest terror alert comes at a time of massive momentum for the 9/11 truth movement worlwide... Last week C-Span US coast to coast TV network showed the panel discussion from the American Scholars Symposium in L.A. not once, but four times in four days. 20 million people in the US saw each screening. You can download it here: This follows from the new Scripts Howard Ohio University poll which last week found that 36 percent of US respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East." Today's terror plot must be viewed as an attempt to divert attention from Tony Blair's troubles at home where 150 Labour MPs are lining up in protest against his support for Israel and to act to reinforce the Al Queda myth among those who still believe or are sitting on the fence. We live in interesting times. ----- Terror Plot: How Long Before It Turns Into BS Like Every Other Example? Prison Planet | August 10 2006 Government enforcers and frightened slaves are all hot and bothered about the latest supposed terror plot targeting UK flights inbound to the US. How long before the whole saga turns out to be hoaxed BS like EVERY SINGLE OTHER major terror alert there has been? Picture (Metafile) Ridiculous restrictions have been slapped on travelers, with mother's having to taste baby milk before they board planes and all hand luggage, including liquid drinks, being banned.
The new alert arrives with the 9/11 truth movement on the cusp of a wave of media exposure.
. Evidence of government sponsored terror and how they use the fear of terror to control society is bursting out at the seams as editorials nationwide in the US are uniform in attempting to debunk research that questions the official version of 9/11.
Statistical analysis has proven that every time Blair and Bush sag in approval ratings, a fresh terror alert gives them a bounce back up the charts.
Every single major terror alert issued by either the US, Canadian or UK governments has proven to be either a manufactured facade, an entrapment sting or an outright hoax.
Recently, a supposed plan to hijack planes and fly them into London landmarks was exposed as a concoction of UK government lobbyists and news chiefs.
The July 2005 London bombings were a British intelligence operation. The alleged ringleader, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was working for MI5.
Here is a compendium list of other reports where the role of governments and security agencies in manufacturing artificial terror plots is exposed - within these stories are links to even more. ALSO SEE: FAKE TERROR ALERTS ARCHIVE
So basically this plot was an attempt to shore up Tony Blair’s support and the guys blew themselves up in the under ground in London. Did so not to fight the great Satan or anything else. No they willingly sacrificed themselves for Tony’s poll ratings. What dedication to the cause. Bertie must be looking at disgust at his party wondering why is their no one willing to blow up the Laus for his poll ratings.

But if this “Statistical Analysis” is right. Does that mean that the plot was stopped by a crack squad of Tory MP’s to prevent Labour by-passing them in the polls. Makes sense doesn't it. David Cameron must be a real life Bond. I wonder does his bike have missiles in the lamps.

On a serious note. Where would these aircraft have blown up. Think about the flight paths most of them to America fly over Dublin and Limerick.

Terrorist plot foiled

British authorities have reportedly foiled a plot to blow up several trans-atlantic passenger flights with explosives concealed in carry-on luggage. As a result a number of arrests have been made and MI5 have raised the terrorist threat level to critical.

This has also resulted in an aggressive clamp down on airport secuirty with a ban being placed on carry-on luggage, except essentials carried in plastic bags.

America has also raised its threat level to the highest point

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ireland vs New Zealand 2005

Great the stuff you find on google video.

Funnily Enough

Got this email today no idea why. Also considering I can't vote in the states it is entirely useless. Still thought I would share. Also despite what many of you probably would think I wouldn't vote Republican in America. To conservative for me. But if they went back to their small government, personnel freedoms ways and supported gun control and getting rid of the death penalty I would probably vote them in.

Dear Supporter,

I need your help to send Congressman Charlie Rangel packing back to New York!

Last week, Representative Charlie Rangel from the 15th district of New York said that he will quit Congress if Democrats do not win the majority and take advantage of the current political climate. Congressman Rangel implied that because the nation is leaning away from the Republican party, Democrats must take advantage of this opportunity and win the majority in the House.

I need your help right now to prove to Congressman Rangel that Americans are not deserting the Republican party and that we are continuing to fight for control of the House. Your support at this link will send Charles Rangel packing back to New York and stop the Democrats from taking over the House!

If Charlie Rangel does not want to be a Member of Congress with a Republican majority, then he shouldn't be in Congress at all. I personally do not want to serve in a Democrat-led Congress, but I will not abandon my duties to western New Yorkers if Republicans lose the majority. As elected officials, Congressmen and women must represent our constituents, not leave them when things get ugly in Washington.

I continue to be deeply concerned about this fall's elections and losing control of the House. The Democrats have never before been able to raise as much money and organize the grassroots support they have this year. It is unclear whether they will be able to truly mobilize voters, but we cannot wait and hope they do not get organized; there is little time left until Election Day.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and national Democrats are counting on Americans to continue to leave the Republican party and vote Democrat on November 7th. We have to prove them wrong.

Let's send the House Democrats packing!

Thank you,

Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds, M.C. Chairman

P.S. Forward this message to your friends and ask them to join you in sending Charlie Rangel and House Democrats out of Congress and out of Washington, DC!


Recent post on Irish Election. Time to curtail the TV Tax

Time to curtail the TV Tax

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Winter Movie Preview

I plan to revisit the movies I advocated you go see this summer in a later post but in anticipation of that I first offer you a selection of movies that look promising for the Autumn and Winter to come. I know now from compiling my list of summer movies that release dates vary too much to put any order to the list, chronological or otherwise but I will go as far as offering that they will be released in what remains of 2006. I also include some movies to avoid.

1. 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby'
In a plot line remniscient of 'Cars', Will Ferrell and 'Anchorman' director Adam McKay reunite for a story of Ferrell playing a stuck-up racing star who learns the value of humility after hitting the skids in a big way. It's good to have a break from the usual brat pack suspects filling out the supporting characters, instead we get the likes of Gary Cole, Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, and John C. Reilly. The buzz is good and at the time of writing 'Talladega Nights' has just toppled 'Miami Vice' from the top spot in the States.

2. 'Snakes on a Plane'

This movie will never meet the internet fueled anticipation surrounding it but for the title alone it deserves a place in any discussion of movies of 2006. The premise is simple: Bad guys have unleashed dozens of deadly snakes aboard on airborne plane, and only one man can save the day: Sam Jackson. In the last few months there has been reshoots, re-edits and more CGI to add more gore and violence. For film students I think this will be the classic case study of a movie so bad its good!

3. 'Black Dalhia'

Although Brian De Palma has been behind such drivel as 'Mission to Mars' and 'Snake Eyes', we can only hope his high calibre source material, a 40s based hard-boiled detective novel by James Ellroy, will see him return to his glory days of 'Carrie' and 'Carlitos Way'. Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart play a pair of detectives assigned to the Black Dahlia murder case, a real-life unsolved mystery involving the vicious murder of an aspiring actress in 1947. Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank are on hand, as a loyal wife and a high society femme fatale, respectively.

Avoid: 'JackAss No.2'

4. 'The Departed'
I could understand how a movie goer might be sceptical of a remake of a Japanese movie, disregarding it as yet another one of a string of movies (ala 'The Grudge' or 'The Ring') and stories Hollywood has leeched off. Let me tell you though, whatever the end result, on paper this is the zenith of filmmaking: the story of an undercover cop who invades the mob and a mafia-employed mole who infiltrates the police department, sees Martin Scorcese direct Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, Ray Winstone, and Vera Farmiga. Jack Nicholson said following 9/11 he would not do anymore serious roles, lets hope that what he saw in this script that changed his mind will translate onto screen.

5. 'Hollywoodland'
Yes I am advocating you check the cinema schedules for a Ben affleck movie. Originally titled 'Truth, Justice and the American Way' until copyright intervened, Affleck stars in a biopic of George Reeves, the actor who portrayed Superman in a TV serial in the 1950s and whose death, an alleged suicide, is still considered a mystery. Adrien Brody also stars as a Pivate-eye investigating the death on the wishes of Reeves' mother and Diane Lane plays a movie executives wife with whom Reeves had an affair.

6. 'KillShot'

Here, Director John Madden ("Shakespeare in Love") adapts an Elmore Leonard ("Out of Sight," "Get Shorty") about a husband (Thomas Jane) and wife (Diane Lane) who get mixed up with a con man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt of 'Brick') and an assassin (Mickey Rourke). Rosario Dawson and Johnny Knoxville fill out the cast. Certainly one to watch out for.

7. 'Marie Antoinette'
Sofia Coppola's follow-up to "Lost in Translation" will surely be discussed as a contender for next years Oscars and of course was the talk of the town at Cannes on how it portrayed the infamous French monarch. If however you want a less pretentious reason to go see this movie, Steve Coogan is in it with Kirsten Dunst playing the titular role.

Avoid: 'Saw III'

8. 'Flushed Away'
The people behind "Chicken Run" and "Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit," work their claymation magic on the story of an upper-crust rat who's flushed down the loo, to undergo the inevitable journey of learning and growing as a rat, finding his way home. The Brit-heavy cast features Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Andy Serkis, Jean Reno, Bill Nighy, and Ian McKellen.

9. 'Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny'
Jack Black continues his warped journey to world domination with a story that sees Black and partner Kyle Gass setting off on a 300-mile journey to steal a legendary guitar pick from a museum. I feel there's a chance this movie will feature some rockin' and hopefully some laughin'. The cast list includes Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and Tim Robbins.

Avoid: (It hurts me to type this) Hilary and Haylie Duff star in 'Material Girls', a movie about wealthy sisters who loose their fortune.
10. 'Casino Royale'
More than a year after Pierce Brosnan left the series, with a film title, script and director attached (Casino Royale will be an adaptation of Ian Flemings first James Bond novel of the same name) no Bond was yet cast. With Daniel Craig being confirmed there was uproar and his suitability for the role will no doubt be discussed to no end until November. One of the official blurbs is that producers are taking Bond back to his roots ala Batman Begins and giving him a grittier tone in light of the success of the Bourne series and also see an end to the over reliance on gadgets and effects after the disastrous use of CGI in Die Another Day. Casino Royale abandons continuity so that Judi Dench returns as 'M' despite the fact the film is set when he first earns his '00' status (in Goldeneye Dench had just succeeded to the role). Not returning to the series are John Cleese ('Q') and Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenney), neither character will in fact appear, though there is an op-tec character in the novel so it remains to be seen whether he will be introduced. The movie will be directed by Martin Campbell, who also directed Goldeneye as well as both Zorro movies and the script was brushed up by Million Dollar Baby and Crash writer, Paul Haggis. Craig impressed in Munich and Layer Cake but he has a heavy burden on his shoulders to carry off an event movie as Bond movies are. The trailer is very promising, the only thing that irks me is how the marketers movies missed out on the opportunity of releasing the new 007 in 2007.

11. 'The Fountain'
Darren Aronofsky's long-awaited follow-up to "Requiem for a Dream" comes in the form of a 1000 year odyssey, science fiction story of star -crossed romance. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz star as three pairs of lovers in three different time zones. And by time zones, I mean the years 1500, 2000, and 2500. Brad Pitt abandoned this project just months before shooting was to commence to go an make 'Troy' in 2001 bringing production to a halt. It remains to be seen whether he will regret his decision?

All quiet on the left front.

Hizbollah fire wounds 3 UN peacekeepers in Lebanon. Can't remember reading anything about this in the Irish Newspapers. Can you?

I have to wonder does the fact that Hezbollah rockets are not as good as Israeli missles make them better in the eyes of some people. The differance between the two attacks on UN posts is only that the Israelis had better fire power.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Following my post about physics I thought some of you might like this program about relativity, the big bang and problems with it.

They Don't make videos like this anymore

Joni Mitchell.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Guess whos back guess whos back

Remember the Direct Action Against Drugs guys who popped up during one of the IRA ceasefires and then disappeared again. Well they are back.


Castro is a strange character that causes people to come out in hot flushes. People on the left hate Bush and McDowell because they deem that they are trying to get rid of peoples human rights yet Castro someone who has actually succeeded in bringing down peoples rights they love.

Now there is no doubt that of all the totalitarian dictators in the world Castro is probably the nicest of them all. Compare the Health service of Cuba with that of North Korea and there is certainly a difference between the two regimes. Also the education system is also not to shabby and the pharmaceutical industry is great. But despite what the people on the left think about all the great parts achievements it is still a regime and that cannot be ignored.

Decent is still not tolerated. You think that Gitmo is bad go to Havana and talk about the merits of a free press and you will get to have a close look at the bottom of soliders boot. Anyone who gives out about Bushes wiretapping should really remember that compared to Castro the Americans are certifiable saints. The Cuban economy is falling apart and is being propped up by Castro’s heir in lefties affections Chavez. Now many people will say that this is due American sanctions and they do have had an effect. But they are not the entire source of the problem. Indeed most of Europe and Canada does trade with Cuba. The reason for the fall in the economy is simply due to the reason that many Lefties will not admit that communism does not work. Not saying that socialism does not work I mean Sweden is not doing to bad for it’s self.

As for Democracy which people of the left say McDowell and Bush dont like I don’t even have to point out the counter argument to that.

What effect Castro has had on the island is very interesting compared to where they were under the previous dictatorship. Now while many people think that what happened then will happen now if the country goes back to capitalism I think the advances made during Castro’s regime have certainly placed it in a position to use its education to become a successful nation. However a continuation of the regime will damage the country. While Castro’s regime is not sunshine and lollipops and I am not legitimising it here, it is better then the previous one.

So what is it about Cuba that people love so much. I think it is a mixture of the fighting the good fight against the big bad Americans and the image of Castro. The romantic image of the Castro smoking a cigar is certainly powerful and who doesn’t like a romantic hero no matter how flawed. People have put their idea for an ideal soceity on Cuba.

Now I could have written more about this but I am a wee bit blogged out at the moment.

The Stewart Effect

Jon Stewart causes young people to develop very cynical views about politicians and politics. Amm this probably has more to do with politicians and the likes of Fox news then anything
I mean just look at this clip. And they wonder why people are cynical. Could have used that one around the time of Richard Bruton and McDowell's little spat.

Friday, August 04, 2006

For Flip sake

Fortune International -- Imagine this for a government conundrum: revenues so high it's hard to know how to spend them. No wonder Norway, flush from oil exports, is picky about where it invests its $236 billion government pension fund - the third largest on the planet.

In June it divested about $430 million worth of shares from Wal-Mart Stores (Charts) and Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (Charts), after savaging Wal-Mart for "serious and systematic" labor violations in several countries and Freeport for dumping copper tailings in a New Guinea river.

In fairness if you are going to not invest in Freeport because of environmental concerns how about stop whaling first.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Zidane the game

Loads of fun.


One of the things I really like about physics is the artistic beauty of the way the math works. Now I am no theoretical physicist I have always been more towards the experimental side but sometimes when the 2 collide it really makes me see probably what people who love great art see. I can’t really explain the feeling that I can get from it like someone who love art probably can’t either (difference is they try with as many words as possible while physics try using as few symbols as possible although we prove we can use so few symbols with hundreds of symbols J ). But it is I guess the one thing I can relate to when people go on about how great modern art is.

Take for example a femtosecond lasers. Most laser people see are monochromatic i.e. they emitted light of a single wavelength (for the purposes of this post anyway). However when you pulse a laser on and off at high speeds you see something amazing they are white (talking laser in the visible spectrum here there are ultraviolet laser with the same broadband spectrum but the eye can’t see them. But the same principle applies) . Now you can only do this with certain types of lasers and you can’t do it with a laser pointer no matter how hard you try. To pulse at this speed you use various techniques that I wouldn’t get into now but they are pretty cool. By the way an femtosecond is 1*10^-15 or 0.000000000000001 seconds. I.E very short.

So why would it be white I hear you ask well. That comes down to theoretical physics quantum to be precise and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

Werner Heisenberg was a German physicist who headed up the Nazis nuclear program. There is much debate over whether he a.)Mis calculated the critical mass needed for a bomb. b.) deliberately slowed down the program to stop the Nazis getting the bomb or c.) Didn’t really care for the bomb and directed the research towards Nuclear power. What ever the reason thankfully Hitler didn’t have a bomb. Heisenbergs as it is known by some. Can be explained by this thought experiment.

If you want to see an electron a photon has to hit off it and then enter your eye. However when it hits it changes the electron. Like a cue ball hitting a snooker ball changes a ball. Thus you cannot be certain of where the ball is. As you are seeing it at the point of impact not where it has been moved to. This can be represented as so.

\Delta x \Delta p   \ge \frac{\hbar}{2}

Where delta (the triangle) is the difference in x (position) and delta p (momentum) is the difference in p. And this is equal to planks constant/2. As this is equal to a constant if one value goes down to keep the equation balanced the other has to go up. For example x+y=10. Lets say x is equal to 4 and y=6. If we make x =3 then for everything to balance y has to go up to 7. So basically the more you know x (position) the less you know about p (momentum).

As the joke goes Heisenburg gets pulled over driving by a cop. The cop says do you know how fast you are going. He replies no but I know where I am.

Anyway this leads on to relativity and this equation derived from the Time Dependent Schrödinger equation. (Schrödinger of the cat fame)

\Delta E \Delta t \ge \frac{\hbar}{2}.

Basically in this one. E is energy and t is time. Thus the more you know about the t the less you know about the E. Now when you are pulsing a laser at attoseconds you know very precisely how long the pulse is so that means you don’t know the value of the energy very well.

E=hv is an equation from Max Plank where h is planks constant and u is the frequency. Frequency and wavelength are related by c=fv. Ok so if you are uncertain about the energy you are uncertain about the frequency and thus uncertain about the wavelength. As you are uncertain of the wavelength. Then it could be any number of wavelengths you simply cannot say as you cannot see a single wavelength you see many.

You see white light. Beautiful

Irish Film Institute now a political organisation?

Due to the current Israeli activities in the Lebanon, the Irish Film Institute has decided to cancel the sponsorship provided by the Embassy of Israel in Ireland for 'Walk on Water', one of the feature films being screened this Friday in the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
From here. Are they not sponsored by the Arts Council and Lotto funding which I am guessing is supposed to be non-political funding. Thus making them a non-political organization. So where does this leave us now. Is the film Institute now a political organisation. Can we now vote for or against them?. Is their job no longer to promote film but to promote a political message as well? Or am I being to unreasonable? Hat tip Manhattan Notes.

Why is the Middle East anisotropic

I asked this question before but I think this is a much nicer way to phrase it.

Why does the middle east make the west like this \frac{\omega^4}{c^4} + \frac{\omega^2}{c^2}\left(\frac{k_x^2+k_y^2}{n_z^2}+\frac{k_x^2+k_z^2}{n_y^2}+\frac{k_y^2+k_z^2}{n_x^2}\right) + \left(\frac{k_x^2}{n_y^2n_z^2}+\frac{k_y^2}{n_x^2n_z^2}+\frac{k_z^2}{n_x^2n_y^2}\right)(k_x^2+k_y^2+k_z^2)=0\,.

Rather then like this.

\left(\frac{k_x^2}{n_o^2}+\frac{k_y^2}{n_o^2}+\frac{k_z^2}{n_o^2} -\frac{\omega^2}{c^2}\right)\left(\frac{k_x^2}{n_e^2}+\frac{k_y^2}{n_e^2}+\frac{k_z^2}{n_o^2} -\frac{\omega^2}{c^2}\right)=0\,.

i.e. Polarising

the leb again.

200 Missiles Hit Israel as Battle Rages in Lebanon (NY Times). Not exactly an incentive to stop is it. Also check out the picture on that page. On the radio to today the RTE guy in the Leb was saying that missiles were coming from apartment buildings backs up the human shield theory a bit.

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One in 4.2 million

Ahern confident of winning next year’s election At least someone is keeping the faith.

An Inconvenient Truth

I'm unsure as to whether 'An Inconvenient Truth', a documentary of the speech on global warming given by Al Gore will be released in Ireland or to what extent but having seen it I would highly recommend it. Gore strives to raise awareness and disipate misunderstandings, continuing a campaign he has been a supporter of from his earliest days in office. The speech is littered with insights into his life, his motivations and of course reflections on his run for the White House. Be sure to keep an eye out for it, particularly on the film festival circuit or in art house cinemas. As a starting point, the website Gore aks attendees and viewers alike to visit is

Good Question

Pakistani women protesters take part in a rally, July 26 in Lahore, Pakistan to condemn the ongoing Israeli strikes against Lebanon and Palestinian territories. (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary) Hat tip calcon

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel the leb II

I haven't written an opinion here on the Middle east for a while and I have little time to write a big long piece now. But looking at the recent incidents in Lebanon it is clear that Israel is acting too harshly and strongly. As MacDara says "Women and children dead = Women and children dead". Now I know the same thing is happening on the Israeli side with the casualties being minimized not due to Hezbollah decency but a mixture of ineptitude and Israel evacuation and preparation. But these airstrikes are achieving nothing.

Now I have already said . There seems always to have been a belief in air power's and precision weapons ability to win a war. Trying this theory out resulted in Zeppelins, Dresdan and much of the deaths in nam. They won nothing. The same thing is happening with Israel it is achieving nothing but death. If you really want to go after the terrorist you really have to just go in with troops. You can eye ball the missiles to call in the air force and you know the terrorists as they are the ones shooting at you. So this phase of Israelis campaign is probably the most strategically wise.

What is it about the middle East that's gets everyone's goat

I know that the Palestinians and the Lebanese suffer greatly at the hands of the Israelis. I also know that the Israelis are surrounded by people who want to start where Hitler left off. But why is the middle east such a big issue. It gets more coverage, more time dedicated to it, and takes less lives then famines in Africa and dictatorships in North Korea.

Is it a race thing with the left believing that white people can do no right and the right thinking that white people can do no wrong. Is is religion? Is it the big guy vs the small guy. Or is it just instead of the famine in Ethiopia in the 80s the cool thing to be concerned about.

Can anyone explain it to me.