Thursday, August 10, 2006

David Cameron Saves the day

Got this email today ( I get a lot of weird emails) in relation to the recent terror alert in London.

The latest terror alert comes at a time of massive momentum for the 9/11 truth movement worlwide... Last week C-Span US coast to coast TV network showed the panel discussion from the American Scholars Symposium in L.A. not once, but four times in four days. 20 million people in the US saw each screening. You can download it here: This follows from the new Scripts Howard Ohio University poll which last week found that 36 percent of US respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East." Today's terror plot must be viewed as an attempt to divert attention from Tony Blair's troubles at home where 150 Labour MPs are lining up in protest against his support for Israel and to act to reinforce the Al Queda myth among those who still believe or are sitting on the fence. We live in interesting times. ----- Terror Plot: How Long Before It Turns Into BS Like Every Other Example? Prison Planet | August 10 2006 Government enforcers and frightened slaves are all hot and bothered about the latest supposed terror plot targeting UK flights inbound to the US. How long before the whole saga turns out to be hoaxed BS like EVERY SINGLE OTHER major terror alert there has been? Picture (Metafile) Ridiculous restrictions have been slapped on travelers, with mother's having to taste baby milk before they board planes and all hand luggage, including liquid drinks, being banned.
The new alert arrives with the 9/11 truth movement on the cusp of a wave of media exposure.
. Evidence of government sponsored terror and how they use the fear of terror to control society is bursting out at the seams as editorials nationwide in the US are uniform in attempting to debunk research that questions the official version of 9/11.
Statistical analysis has proven that every time Blair and Bush sag in approval ratings, a fresh terror alert gives them a bounce back up the charts.
Every single major terror alert issued by either the US, Canadian or UK governments has proven to be either a manufactured facade, an entrapment sting or an outright hoax.
Recently, a supposed plan to hijack planes and fly them into London landmarks was exposed as a concoction of UK government lobbyists and news chiefs.
The July 2005 London bombings were a British intelligence operation. The alleged ringleader, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was working for MI5.
Here is a compendium list of other reports where the role of governments and security agencies in manufacturing artificial terror plots is exposed - within these stories are links to even more. ALSO SEE: FAKE TERROR ALERTS ARCHIVE
So basically this plot was an attempt to shore up Tony Blair’s support and the guys blew themselves up in the under ground in London. Did so not to fight the great Satan or anything else. No they willingly sacrificed themselves for Tony’s poll ratings. What dedication to the cause. Bertie must be looking at disgust at his party wondering why is their no one willing to blow up the Laus for his poll ratings.

But if this “Statistical Analysis” is right. Does that mean that the plot was stopped by a crack squad of Tory MP’s to prevent Labour by-passing them in the polls. Makes sense doesn't it. David Cameron must be a real life Bond. I wonder does his bike have missiles in the lamps.

On a serious note. Where would these aircraft have blown up. Think about the flight paths most of them to America fly over Dublin and Limerick.


Eamonn said...

Apparently the plan was to blow them up just before they reached their US destination.

Eamonn said...

My flat mate attempted to make similar claims yesterday about this terror scare. He stated that it might just be a ploy to shore up political support. His motto is to "question everything"


I told him that unlike some people, I believe there is such a thing as a stupid question!

CK said...

To even hope to have a full understanding of any topic you need to have a critical mind.

I would contend there are no stupid questions but there are stupid answers.

I feel if you had listened to your flatmate he might have raised the issue that people would be sceptical of the legitimacy of the terrorist threat and not actually contended he believed it to be a fraud himself. It turns out he was correct as we saw in the original post and even in an article by robert Fisk I read in yesterdays New Zealand Herald.