Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Emails from Republicans

Got this in the email.

Dear NRCC supporter,

Republican Congressional candidates are facing a desperate situation nationwide. Our candidates in targeted districts are in very serious danger of losing on Election Day. And if we lose those swing districts, the Democrats will undoubtedly win the majority on November 7th.

Act now!

As Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, I have not personally seen a more grave and dire situation for Republicans. That is why I need your immediate attention.

There are very few “safe” seats in Congress this election year. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has mobilized itself and is providing unprecedented support to candidates. The Democrats want to win the majority and they will do everything to achieve their goal.

A few weeks ago, our political director, Mike McElwain, informed you that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had made a $50 million dollar media buy. We knew the Democrats were spending huge amounts of money to promote their ultra-liberal candidates and destroy the reputations of Republicans with false information and lies, but this is worse than I expected. The media buy combined with the support from liberal 527’s makes for a destructive Democratic force.

That is why I need your immediate help.

We must match the Democrats’ media buy and get Republicans on TV. We must increase our grassroots support. And we must be proactive in helping our targeted candidates communicate with the American public, particularly because the liberal media is drowning out the conservative message.

We cannot wait another day to act.

There are ten short weeks until Election Day and the Democrats have surpassed us in countless ways. As Republicans, we know how to mobilize volunteers and voters and how to help candidates with whatever they might need. We now must act on our knowledge, but we can only be effective with your help.

Please go to this secure link and make your most generous contribution of $35, $50 or even $200, by September 1st. We have to start September strong and put your generous contribution to work right now for Republican candidates.

There is no time to wait. We must show the Democrats that our party is stronger and more united than ever in the battle for Congress. Please make your most generous contributions at this link by the end of the week. I appreciate your help and quick action.

It is gas really "beware the ultra-liberals" like they are the bogey man. I am really begining to think that the war on terror is not a war on terror but a war on Democrats. Which is a pity as the war on terror is in principle not a bad thing. If there are any Americans reading this. Vote for a third party canidate.


El Matador said...

I'm doing range of articles on US politics at the minute on El Blogador...

Eamonn said...

its just pure propaganda and hysteria. I'm waiting for the "Better dead than blue" campaign