Friday, August 18, 2006

Final Fantasy Physics

From Irish Times
A small Dublin-based company is seeking 12 scientists to verify its claims that it has developed technology that produces "free energy".
To quote Homor Simpson. We obey the laws of thermodynamics in this house. It is utter fantasy. The companies website is here. I am waiting for people to go on about big oil. Why create a panal of 12 scientist? Why have they not submitted for peer review in a scientific journal where all scientists can see their work? Just all smells of Shenanigans to me.

Update: Just thought of something. They published in the Economist instead of lets say Nature or even NewScientist. What is the average Economist reader, someone in Business what is the average reader not, a physicst. So if you were looking for scientist where would you advertise. Nature or the Economist. If you were looking for venture capital where would you advertise. Let me think. This stinks of Shenanigans


Cian said...

ill believe that one when i see it, energy from nothing. Ex nihilo nihil fit.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't actually tell you anything except that is 'over 100% efficient' LOL. Either they are mistaken, this is a hoax, or they are using some play of words or something like that to mislead people. I can't imagine what could possibly be over 100 percent efficient, 'violating' the law of conservation of energy, and was discovered in ireland by some obscure group.

Kevin Breathnach said...

Isn't it impossible to achieve even 100%, let alone more than it?

Simon said...

Yes kevin indeed you are right. terrodically the carnot cycle is the maximum efficency.

But that can not be created due to the fact the universe is getting more disordered

So yes 100% efficency is impossible

Eamonn said...

Sure...if you listen to "science", its theoretically impossible. But come on, am I the only one sick of listening to science?

If those guys want to believe their hocus pocus "discovery" let them. And If i want to believe that I'm the center of the universe and everything revolves around me, let me.

I'm sick of science and it's cold hearted realism.

CK said...

But hasn't there been a violation of this rule once when the universe was created or perhaps there was even a violation a number of times in creating various parts of the universe?

Anonymous said...

tuathal in the case of science truth is most definitely stanger then fiction. it takes a lot more imagination then that required to put yourself at the center of the universe to get any where near grasping the complex ideas that have come out of quantum physics and Gen Relativity. There is nothing cold hearted about this, it challenges you to open your mind up to seemly impossible proportions, bringing you to an understanding without words, and certainly without any concept of either you, or the sun, or anything else being at the center of anything, but rather you and the sun and everything else are at the center of each other.
Believe me there is more room for the spectacular in terms of belief within modern science then there could ever be within fiction.