Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Funnily Enough

Got this email today no idea why. Also considering I can't vote in the states it is entirely useless. Still thought I would share. Also despite what many of you probably would think I wouldn't vote Republican in America. To conservative for me. But if they went back to their small government, personnel freedoms ways and supported gun control and getting rid of the death penalty I would probably vote them in.

Dear Supporter,

I need your help to send Congressman Charlie Rangel packing back to New York!

Last week, Representative Charlie Rangel from the 15th district of New York said that he will quit Congress if Democrats do not win the majority and take advantage of the current political climate. Congressman Rangel implied that because the nation is leaning away from the Republican party, Democrats must take advantage of this opportunity and win the majority in the House.

I need your help right now to prove to Congressman Rangel that Americans are not deserting the Republican party and that we are continuing to fight for control of the House. Your support at this link will send Charles Rangel packing back to New York and stop the Democrats from taking over the House!

If Charlie Rangel does not want to be a Member of Congress with a Republican majority, then he shouldn't be in Congress at all. I personally do not want to serve in a Democrat-led Congress, but I will not abandon my duties to western New Yorkers if Republicans lose the majority. As elected officials, Congressmen and women must represent our constituents, not leave them when things get ugly in Washington.

I continue to be deeply concerned about this fall's elections and losing control of the House. The Democrats have never before been able to raise as much money and organize the grassroots support they have this year. It is unclear whether they will be able to truly mobilize voters, but we cannot wait and hope they do not get organized; there is little time left until Election Day.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and national Democrats are counting on Americans to continue to leave the Republican party and vote Democrat on November 7th. We have to prove them wrong.

Let's send the House Democrats packing!

Thank you,

Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds, M.C. Chairman

P.S. Forward this message to your friends and ask them to join you in sending Charlie Rangel and House Democrats out of Congress and out of Washington, DC!



Branedy said...

That is one of the most convoluted thinking I have seen in a republican ad. And a indication that they are desperate to distance them from their own, republican, actions in congress.

Eamonn said...

"Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel and national Democrats are counting on Americans to continue to leave the Republican party and vote Democrat on November 7th."

He should have said "Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and no good European Peace-niks are counting on Americans to...."

It would have been more effective.

CK said...

Its as if he's a Democrat press agent, his name is mentioned barely once in the email, instead he mentions the Democrats chief fundraiser, their most high profile woman and Dean, a man that might consider running again for the White House and doesn't launch an attack against them but merely tells us that they will be hoping to garner a majority in the mid terms.

Tuathal is right that throwing in names such as Bin Laden would be more effective, though I wonder do people such as Bin Laden really give a dam at this stage who is in the White House. Maybe Tuathals theory on global warming applies here: Al Gore is to blame for its occurence as he failed to get into office and push through reform and equally had he come to power maybe 9/11 would never have happened and there would be no war on terror?

Eamonn said...

Turn up your hearing aid CK. Of course Bin Laden cares who's in the White House. Haven't you been listening. It would comfort him to have a sissy Democrat in the Oval Office.

It also gives him, and his comrades, strength when we in the West partake in dishonest debate and question the motives, progress and ultimate goal of the Great war on terror in any way!

CK said...

Bin Laden is waging a war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy mosques.

Irrespective of who is in the White House they would wage a war against what they see as a tyrannical occupation.

I will not become a docile supporter just to represent a strong front, I accept neither their goals, progress or ultimate goals.