Sunday, August 06, 2006


Castro is a strange character that causes people to come out in hot flushes. People on the left hate Bush and McDowell because they deem that they are trying to get rid of peoples human rights yet Castro someone who has actually succeeded in bringing down peoples rights they love.

Now there is no doubt that of all the totalitarian dictators in the world Castro is probably the nicest of them all. Compare the Health service of Cuba with that of North Korea and there is certainly a difference between the two regimes. Also the education system is also not to shabby and the pharmaceutical industry is great. But despite what the people on the left think about all the great parts achievements it is still a regime and that cannot be ignored.

Decent is still not tolerated. You think that Gitmo is bad go to Havana and talk about the merits of a free press and you will get to have a close look at the bottom of soliders boot. Anyone who gives out about Bushes wiretapping should really remember that compared to Castro the Americans are certifiable saints. The Cuban economy is falling apart and is being propped up by Castro’s heir in lefties affections Chavez. Now many people will say that this is due American sanctions and they do have had an effect. But they are not the entire source of the problem. Indeed most of Europe and Canada does trade with Cuba. The reason for the fall in the economy is simply due to the reason that many Lefties will not admit that communism does not work. Not saying that socialism does not work I mean Sweden is not doing to bad for it’s self.

As for Democracy which people of the left say McDowell and Bush dont like I don’t even have to point out the counter argument to that.

What effect Castro has had on the island is very interesting compared to where they were under the previous dictatorship. Now while many people think that what happened then will happen now if the country goes back to capitalism I think the advances made during Castro’s regime have certainly placed it in a position to use its education to become a successful nation. However a continuation of the regime will damage the country. While Castro’s regime is not sunshine and lollipops and I am not legitimising it here, it is better then the previous one.

So what is it about Cuba that people love so much. I think it is a mixture of the fighting the good fight against the big bad Americans and the image of Castro. The romantic image of the Castro smoking a cigar is certainly powerful and who doesn’t like a romantic hero no matter how flawed. People have put their idea for an ideal soceity on Cuba.

Now I could have written more about this but I am a wee bit blogged out at the moment.

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Kevin Breathnach said...

I reckon the beard does it for him. Did you notice that the current Magill ran two articles on Castro before any news of his surgery broke? I smell a conspiracy theory.