Monday, August 21, 2006

Dave Chapelle

If you don't know the guy you should. Here is 3 choice sketchs from him. Samual Jackson beer.

And Just watch this one. Trust me

And to finish off. Black Bush


Anonymous said...

Chappelle is superb, shame his shows aren't on over here; I can't believe you didn't link his Rick James and Prince skits though!!!

Actually got invited to a Chappelle just there, really looking forward to it... series 1, 2 and the lost episodes as well as Block Party (coupled with some booze and banter... probably followed by some pro ev!)

Simon said...

Only so much I can show :)

CK said...

Also 'Dave Chapelles Block Party' is showing in the Kino in Cork at the moment and I can only presume it has some sort of limited release in other spots around the country.