Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Scary American petition.

This is a online petition I found that someone who commented on California Conservative. Is is just me or does this petition, for Congress Debate Koran. Seem quiet like what the Nazi's did especially the last two.
  • Lift the veil of fabulism; investigate and expose the true contents of the Koran & Hadith. Hold public hearings to let the citizens of America and the world see and hear the reality of Islamic doctrine and practice.
  • Revoke the charter of Islam. Declare it to be the predator it is, not a religion!
  • Reject all demands for "protecting" the Koran from "desecration". Can Mein Kampf be desecrated? How then is it possible to desecrate the Koran?
  • Reject all demands to outlaw criticism of Islam. Lifting the lid from the septic tank & exposing the Koran's contents does not constitute blasphemy. Allah is an idol, not God!
  • Begin the process of contesting Islam on the only battlefield where we can win without bloodshed: the ideological battlefield. Broadcast the truth about Allah's unholy sacraments & Muhammad's exemplary performance of them, thereby planting the seeds of doubt & introspection which can sprout and blossom into mass apostasy among the Ummah. Emancipating Allah's slaves is the key to permanently ending Islam's reign of terror.
  • Effectively close our borders to Islamic infiltrators.
  • Identify, round up and deport all Islamic illegal aliens.
  • Identify and interview all Islamic legal resident aliens. Deport those who can not pass a polygraph exam regarding their peaceful intentions.
  • Increase the scope, scale & effectiveness of surveillance programs watching the activities of Islamic citizens & organizations.
  • Now I doubt congress will ever debate this. But reading some of the signatures is there a rise in Nazi racial superiority ideology in America at the moment with Judeo-Christian being considered the superior ideology.


    Eamonn said...

    Strikes me as the blue prints for some good old fashioned witch-hunts. Fox should look into getting the rights. I can see the advert now...

    Images of Hitler, atomic bombs etc. flash in the backgorund throughout

    Voice Over Man:
    'A new evil grows in the East...It's name, is Islam...nd it wants to kill you, and everybody you hold dear...one group will resist...one group can save you...from the people who brought you McCarthyism...Congress brings you the 'Allah: The expose'...this Fall, only on Fox'

    the add finishes with a Texan, he spits out some tobacco, looks into the camera and declares, 'If they want themselves a geehad...we'll giv' 'em a god damn geehad!'

    CK said...

    The situations, education and society that instil such extreme views in people always intrigue and of course scare me. For these people it's all or nothing, I have that clarity and conviction on so few issues.

    Will there be a movie ike ending where their values and beliefs are undermined, they are enlightened through people they meet and they decide to maybe question their opinions? I fear not.

    Eamonn said...

    'Will there be a movie like ending...'

    Dr. Strangelove?