Monday, March 13, 2006

Lies, Dahm Lies and Shinners

Isn’t it disgraceful the way the media is after Sinn Fein. It truly is shocking. I mean Slab Murphy is totally innocent of any crime. As they say he leads a life of a small farmer who left school at 14 and earned a precarious living raising cattle on a smallholding straddling the border with a small oil business. As he said himself "I make a living from farming". And then the witch-hunt began the governments came out with all this black propaganda. All of it lies. They raid his house and find some innocent stuff.

They are now trying to suggest that the million in currency and cheques came from nefarious dealings. This is just a blatant lie we all know that CAP is such a great source of money and all farmers are rolling in money. Also they are trying to make out the hard drives and laptops that were found in bales of hay were some how part of intelligence gathering and criminal records. Come on anyone knows that farm accounts are very complex and require gigabytes of storage. Also ask any IT consultant about where best to store hard drives and they will tell you bales of hay.

So now if any of you are not familiar with my views then I will tell you the above 2 paragraphs were sarcastic. Now I know what you are saying “duh That was bloody obvious”. Yet when Sinn Fein come out with such thing there is an increasing amount of people that believe them. After the raid and some of the details about the finds Gerry Adams said “Tom Murphy is not a criminal, he is a good republican”. So basically is he saying what happened is what I said above. That a farmer keeping a million quid in cash and cheques and laptops and hard drives in a barn is utterly legitimate.

Now beyond the probably reason for what he said. Just in case you are wondering. I believe that Slab was head of the most notorious Provisional IRA “divisions” the South Armagh “division”. There has been a lot of rumours that the South Armagh IRA were not as enthusiastic about Sinn Fein’s move towards peace. The one person that brought the hardliners in was Slab. Now there is more rumours that they are not happy with the Messers Adams and McGuinness direction and especially the decommissioning . As Gerry said of slab “He is also, very importantly, a key supporter of the Sinn Fein peace strategy and has been for a very long time” So the last thing that Sinn Fein want is to isolate a key supporter, split the IRA and a result in a return to violence. Which would scupper Sinn Fein’s chances to gain more seats in the next election in the south.

So Gerry Adams plays the Sinners favourite poor little republican card. While giving us a glance at their trump card the Big bad Michael McDowell card. So as to forward the cause of Sinn Fein. Now the thing that bugs me is that people accept the playing of these cards. If Fianna Fail or Fine Gael had a key supporter involved in such nefarious dealings would there be a stronger backlash against FF/FG then there is against Sinn Fein. Of course they would even though Sinn Fein are lining up for the government they are able to lie, refute the truth and still make people believe they are being demonised.

So we have a choice we either treat Sinn Fein like a true potential party and expect the honesty we expect from every other. Or we treat them as a party that is still connected with a criminal organisation that we encourage to abandon crime but do not elect them to power.

Slab' raid is trouble for Sinn Fein a good article from the Sunday Times. Similar Dossing posts Why Sinn Fein get treated better by the media then any other party

Update: 19:00 Former Sinn Fein Vice President Phil Flynn has accused Minister for Justice Michael McDowell of trying to criminalise him with "a concerted media campaign". I guess he thinks the McDowell card joined with the media is against us card is the one to play. For any of you that have ever watched the kids TV show Yu Gi Oh I think that is what is called polymerisation but I am open to correction by any Yu Gi Oh fans.


Declan said...

I wonder did Adams mean Slab did not commit any criminal acts, or did he mean Slab did commit a criminal acts but he was doing so on behalf of the rebublican movement there-by absolving him from sin in the eyes of Sinn Fein?

Anonymous said...

But isn't that the definition of a good republican? One who helps hoard huge sums of cash and hide intelligence gathering operations. Good republican? He's obviously one of the best (alledgedly)!

Simon said...

i thought something simular alright. might come back to haunt him.