Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Driver are you

You know that add for the Suzuki Grand Vitara Watch here (the 4th option in menu).With all the different people singing What a wonderful World. So what kind of in car singer are you. Do you sing softly or do you head bang and shout.


Eamonn said...

Im a low humming/mumbling type of car singer. But, it depends really on the traffic levels and the song. For example, a song like 'Welcome to the Jungle' might normally get a largish response, but if i'm in gridlock, my reaction is suitably tempered.

CK said...

Im a Jerry Maguire type singer, I will keep changing stations until I get a song I like and I have been know to keep tune by banging one hand of the wheel. The car I drive unfortunately lost her aerial in a car washing incident so it loses signal and I am obliged to fill in the blanks.