Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stephen Hawking.

Possible the most famous off all physicist but yet how many people can tell you what hawking radiation is. I have just come from a lecture given by then man about information loss in black holes in the university of Barcelona. Now I have a degree in physics and possible more importantly fluent in English and I understood little of what he said due to 1 it was high mathematical in nature and 2 He is quiet difficult to understand. And I am sure(not wanting to boast) that I was probably one of the most fluent in English in the audience. Yet he had the audience captivated. But I still wonder is the captivation due to the fact that he is explaining convolultion of non-trivial topological solutions are the fact that he is unable to communicate save for moving 2 fingers. So I am left wondering the age of big brother are people captivated by the strange or the sublime.? Feel free to leave yeer thoughts

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