Monday, July 11, 2005

Irish ID cards

Interesting points raise in the Sunday business post article about I.D cards being brought into the Britain. It says that as some people in the north carry Irish passports and are Irish citizens they would not want british I.D cards ie they would prepare to have Irish I.D cards. This point is being raised by Mr McDowell that.
These are serious matters, and issues such as whether the nationalist population in Northern Ireland want to have British ID cards, whether the Irish state would provide them with alternative cards and whether the two systems would be integrated are ones where considerable discussion and thinking have yet to be done
But do we really have to bring them in for this reason. Due to E.U residency law. Anyone in the EU can live in any other country. So does this mean that if Britain brings in id cards Luxemburg has to as well encase any Luxembourg are living in Britian.In my opinion no. But with all things in the North symbolism is the be all and end all. Maybe the solution would instead of a British are and Irish ID card they could just call it an Ulster I.D card. But that probably would not work either. Also if a Southern I.D card was brought in would we have to have an open database with Britain as we are an open travel set of islands. This issue needs a lot of debate. personnel in my opinion we need I.D cards in Ireland and an open database. But I can imagine a lot of people would disagree with me.

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