Friday, July 08, 2005

Saddam Show Trial

Thought it has been said that Saddam will have a fair trial. It is looking more likely that it will merely be a show trial. Saddam's head lawyer has left according to El pais Translated using babelfish
The head of the team of lawyers of ex- Iraq dictator Sadam Hussein, Zaiad To the Jasawneh, announced yesterday his resignation of the position and accused his American colleagues to try to control the defense and to look for that the military presence of the U.S.A. in Iraq is not criticized. To the Jasawneh he communicated his decision by telephone to the woman of Saddam, Sajida, that is in Yemen. "I said to Him that he had resigned because the American lawyers of the equipment want to take the control from the defense and to isolate their Arab companions", he explained. In the equipment of defenders of Hussein is the old general prosecutor of the Ramsey U.S.A. Clark, and in opinion of the head of the lawyers, as much Clark as Curtis Doebbler - another American who helps in the defense "was displeased" with the critics of A the Jasawneh to the American occupation of the Arab country. Clark and Doebbler asked their colleague who avoided those critics. The team of lawyers has 1,500 volunteers. Twenty-two of the main lawyers come from several countries: The U.S.A., France, Jordan, Iraq and Libya. Still a date for the beginning of the judgment to the ex- Iraqian dictator has not paid attention, who remains jailed, although the Executive has assured that he will begin in few weeks.
Looks like america wants nothing to go wrong with this trial and are keeping tight control on it.

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