Monday, July 04, 2005

Daily Ireland an sceal ar taobh amhàin

The Daily ireland whos tag line is An Sceal ar fad (the whole story) has shown itself to be turning into the Fox News of Ireland while impartiality has never been trademark of media coverage of the North save maybe this really doesn't even try to hide this. In the article about a protest in the botanic gardensit fails to mention that the IRA killed 11 Royal Marine bandsmen. This kind of unbalanced reporting really makess me beg the question. Do people in the North really want peace. From the people i know from the north the answer is un deniably yes. But then how come papers like the Daily Ireland flourish (with a ABC readership of 10,474. Well my theory on it is that it is all about power and buisness. Think about it with out the IRA who would vote DUP without the DUP who would vote Sinn Fein. Without the violence and the history in the north would labour , Fianna Fail and conservatives not begin to canvass and install canidates in the province. Would the UUP and SDLP still win seats if they had to campain on econmic issues rather then sectarian issues. Watching the pre-election coverage on BBC it was clear that the parties make the problams . In an hour round table debate not once was the words health, economy, social welfare, roads mentioned. For without conflict the major parties would die out. So not only is it in the interests of sinn fein to keep papers like the daily ireland in print it is also in the DUP's interest. As people chose there opinions from the news outlets they pick, the news outlet if biased creates a new generation of people willing to hate and fight for the cause. And thus keep the UUP DUP SDLP and Sinn Fein in power.

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