Tuesday, July 26, 2005

IRA are not al-Qaeda says Blair

Woh Blair must really be trying to appease republicns now. It is interesting and now that i think of it possible right.
"I don't think you can compare the political demands of republicanism with the political demands of this terrorist ideology we're facing now,"
The IRA have a goal a 32 county republic. Al-Qaeda simply want distruction. But still tell that to someone who was killed. Sir Reg Empey reply was
“At our meeting yesterday the UUP delegation warned the Prime Minister against creating double standards between terrorists. A terrorist is a terrorist. Full stop. There is no point in using the numbers killed to distinguish between terror groups as the Prime Minister seems to be implying. However, if Mr Blair wants to use a crude stratification process in order to establish a hierarchy of terror, he will find that the number of those murdered and maimed in Northern Ireland is greater.”

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