Thursday, July 07, 2005

So what has happened.

In all the confusion it is difficult to know what has actually happened. So here is what I take as being the current status of things. At around 8:50 this morning there was 4 bomb attacks between some underground stations and on a bus. 1) Russell Square and King’s Cross underground 2) Moorgate, Aldgate, and Liverpool Street underground 3) Edgware Road underground 4) Tavistock Square, where there has been a confirmed explosion on a bus. At the moment the are 2 confirmed fatilities. The royal london hospideal reports in the region of 220 admissions half of which have been discharged. It has been claimed by The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe however this is not confirmed . Also claimed and not confirmed was that London police informed the Israeli Embassy "minutes" before the series of explosions that it had intelligence on the possibility of terrorist attacks in the city, Israel Radio reported. Tony Blair is returning to London to be briefed.

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