Thursday, July 28, 2005

IRA Statement

Speculation is mounting about what the statement will say. From the Ny times
The Irish Republican Army has given up its armed struggle for a united Ireland, agreeing to turn solely to political methods, an American businessman said yesterday after being briefed on a statement expected from the guerrilla group later this week.
What the statement will say is unclear. But with Taoiseach Bertie ahern (irish Prime minister)going back to Dublin from the races in galway. Something is going to come out soon.It seems to be a bit of a harry potter senario leaving everyone on tender hooks. Anyway im Waiting i guessing very soon in time for lunch time news.McGuninnes is giving a press conference at 5pm in washington so it will probably be before that.


Anonymous said...

tenterhooks-nothing tender about them

Simon said...

But did it not seem a bit like the statement is coming soon. Building the media into a frenze of anticipation. You could also make a comparison between the pre-sales of Harry Potter and the Election. Buy now get book later.Vote Sinn Fein now get statement later