Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fine Gael Fine Dublin

Fine Gael is suppose to mean roughly Family of the Irish but looking at there website it looks like they should be more like Family of the Dubs. Fianna Fail are often critised for being mainly a rural party.But they still have 21 Tds in dublin While Fine Gael have about 3 and yet Fine Gael have such articles on there site as Fine Gael puts the capital city first - giving it back to the people At one point it says
Fine Gael has produced a National Manifesto for the upcoming elections, which addresses the broader challenge facing the nation. However, given the particular nature of the problems facing the capital city, we feel it vital that Dublin has its own set of policies spelt out in detail.
Basicaly saying that Dublin has to be treated differently to the rest country as if it is worthy of more then the rest of the country. From a party that has a leader from Mayo this beggers belief. Also that the website has a section on Fine gael in Europe and Fine Gael in Dublin. It seems to suggest that if Fine Gael get into power Dublin and Europe will get much more attention then the rest of the the country and the people.

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