Friday, July 08, 2005

The aftermath

So now that the fog of war has lifted and we can see the full extent of the terror attacks have been seen. What will be the result of this. At time of writing the death toll was officially at 37 and the blame seems to be falling on the Secret Group of al Qaeda's Jihad in Europe. SO will the same thing happen to Blair as did Jose Mari­a Aznar after the Madrid train bombingswhich were attributeded to Aznars fall was the statement first made by the government in which it was stated that ETA was responsible. The train bombings conincided with the elections. The polls before the bombings has Aznar's party in the lead. However at the election 3 days after the bombings the party wasweptpt from power and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero took power. One of his first acts as prime minister was to pull spainish troops out of iraq much to thdisapprovalel oAmericaca. So could the same thing happen iBritainan. Even though the election has passed there is still Gordon Brown waiting in the wings to take over from Mr Blair. Blair did not make the mistake Aznar did and blame the ETA equailivant i.e dissidant republicans without any information to that effect. However the war is still unpopular in britian 100,000 protested against the war in November 2003 even though it is not the same as the 90% figure against the war in spain So is there enough disatisfaction in Britian to force Tony Blair out of power. There are rumours of a protest against terrosism in Trafalgar square tonight this might be a sign that instead of this hasting Tony Blair exit this might increase support for the war and Mr Blair. Also when you get people like Geogre Galloway seemingly trying to score political points by saying Londoners have paid the price for Iraq and Afghanistan this can only anger people and increase support of Tony Blair.

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