Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jelly bean rage

One of the best stories I have read in a long time. For any of yee non irish readers the Gardai are the irish police force. jelly beans are a tye of sweet. From the independent
Garda inspector charged over clash with jelly beans AN inspector based at Garda headquarters in Dublin has been charged with three public order offences after trying to buy a bag of jelly beans with the incorrect tender from a vending machine. The officer was arrested by colleagues when staff at a fast-food outlet in Templemore, Co Tipperary, became alarmed at his behaviour and called out the local gardai. The inspector was in Templemore for the weekend and paid a visit to the Abrakebabra restaurant in the town with his wife and brother-in-law. He twice attempted to buy a packet of jelly beans from a vending machine but used a euro coin which was not acceptable currency in the machine. After he failed to obtain the sweets or retrieve his money he became very upset, according to staff, and allegedly began shaking the machine. Restaurant staff then contacted the nearby garda station and efforts were made to calm the inspector down. But after he allegedly refused to leave the area, he was arrested along with his wife and brother-in-law. The three were later charged with three public order offences, intoxication in a public place, threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, and failing to comply with a direction from a garda. They were all released on station bail but will have to appear at the Templemore District Court in September. The inspector has completed 30 years' service in the force and is due to retire within the next couple of years. He is based at the force's headquarters in the Phoenix Park in a position which does not involve contact with the public. Meanwhile, a senior Garda officer is completing an internal investigation into an claim that a member of the force in north Dublin used a Garda van while on duty to pick up a woman in the capital and take her to Dollymount strand for a stroll. The investigation, headed by an inspector, established that the woman was a tourist and had been taken by the garda to the house where she was staying while in Dublin. Gardai tracked down the woman at her home in England and she denied that she had been taken to Dollymount. She also said there had been no impropriety and complimented the garda for taking her back to the house where she was staying. The alleged incident was reported by a probationer garda who had also been on duty at the time. Tom Brady Security Editor

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