Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Multiculturism seems to be the cool buzz word of the 21st century Ireland. WIth people seemingly trying to down grade irish culture thinking it is time to abandon celli music for flamnco. Thinking that the Irish pub culture should be abandon for cafe culture. And that we should all speak a foreign language and disregared irish. With river dance celli music is now popular throughout the world we should be proud of it not embarressed by it. Pub culture is great and europeans i have meet aspire to recreate the friendly atmoshere of an irish pub. Irish pubs are ever where in the world. you don't see french cafes everywhere in the world. Cafe culture is a very nice thing when you wish to have a quiet chat with a friend during the day. but when you are with a big crowd and want to shout and laugh at the top of your voice you can't really do that in a cafe. and if you want a quiet relaxing chat that you have in cafes. There is always the snug in bars. We have all the facets of cafe culture (save maybe the coffee and pastries) do we really need to abandon pubs for cafes. If we all went to cafes istead of pubs it would curb the drinking culture in Ireland but that would take the person to make the initial desicion not to drink. Which of course you can make in a pub anywyay. This rant is inspired by this post from Irish Eagle. While not saying that his views are the ones I am giving out about. But i felt the need to leave this commet.
I have to disagree. I don't think we are ever going to create a multiculturel society. nor should we each culture is as valid and good as each other culture. There is no need to degrade all cultures to create a single multiculture culture.Immegrents should not be britianise or irishise nor should we be forignies. People are what they are why do they need to change. And what is wrong with Multinationalism is it not the basics for the highly succesful E.U. With british and irish and french etc people living in other countries paying tax in other countries but still being irish living in italy for example.

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