Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sinn Fein Proving My point

I was making the point before in regard to the Daily Ireland about trying to continully only tell one point of view and thus reinforce the division in the conflicting it looks like sinn fein are doing it again. Bridgeen Hagan's Robert McCartney's fiancée's house was attached last night. They and locals say that it was locals that did it. The Security Footage seems to confirm this. However
Sinn Féin says loyalists were seen running off after the attack.
they base this on the fact that
women walking home witnessed the attack and saw loyalists running off towards the protestant Castlerea Road area.
. Now how therecognizeded them as loyalists I would love to know. Were they wearing sashes or something or is it jusconvenientnt to say that it was loyalist. She says it is conjunction with this incident.
On Saturday night a loyalist gang was seen by local people coming down the Mountpottinger Road and throwing stones and bottles at a number of nationalist homes in the Short Strand. " Windows were broken and minor damage was caused to a number of homes. The gang was then seen running away from the scene. " These attacks obviously came in the wake of the weekend Orange Order and UVF parade past the Short Strand and tensions were obviously running high. I would appeal to nationalists in the area to remain vigilant in the days approaching the twelfth."
But the news reports that
Mr McCartney's sister said police CCTV footage showed that only local people were in the area at the time of the attack.
So you make you mind up on who to believe.

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