Tuesday, July 05, 2005

G8 Clown army

One of there latest press releases. So it looks like there is more to come on the 6th of july with operation HAHAHAA. What this will be it is not clear. But it looks like the residents of edinburgh will yet again get there lives disrupted. I guess this time tomorrow we will know.
CLANDESTINE INSURGENT REBEL CLOWN ARMY (CIRCA) COMMUNIQUE #8.86 CLANDESTINE INSURGENT REBEL CLOWN ARMY (CIRCA) Re: Operation BROWN-NOSE To all our rebel friends in the global justice movement--our brave, beautiful, beatific, bracelet-wearing brethren bent on beating back and baffling the behemoth of Babel that is the Gathering of Eight… We are so proud of you, so in love with you…we share your compassion and desire to TRULY make poverty history. We admire your realization that the only real way to end poverty, in the global South or in the suburbs of Edinburgh, is to stop the Great Eight’s amusingly antisocial habits—their rather nasty slapstick routines—kicking the poorer nations with war, arms sales, and bullying trade policies, manipulating their markets and plundering their resources while dangling the crumbs of “debt forgiveness.” We know the G8, far from being thanked for “forgiving” these illegitimate debts, should beg forgiveness from the Global South for their ongoing crimes and depredations…. Beyond all that, we of CIRCA thank YOU, our friends here at this march, for being part of a beautiful and loving nonviolent social movement to achieve true justice…for of course it is only through social movements that real social change can happen--not from begging the politicians or corporations to behave more nicely. BUT…the CIRCA Advanced Intelligence Team has discovered a grave threat to our powerful movement, just as we are all gaining momentum and making our demands for profound change heard. It has come to our attention through deft infiltration, clever clandestinity, and watching the telly that SEVERAL CRIMINAL, ANTISOCIAL ELEMENTS are trying to HIJACK and CO-OPT our MOVEMENT! They are HERE, AMONGST US, these DANGEROUS EXTREMISTS, and they MAY even be marching in this very demonstration!!! They are GORDON BROWN (MP), the financier of the invasion of Iraq, whose £5 billion War Reserve Fund could, instead, fully immunize EVERY CHILD in the developing world for two years, who has stated explicitly that aid will go down as much as debt is relieved for a net change of ZERO, and that recipient countries will have to restructure their societies to make them even more vulnerable to the market. HILLARY BENN (MP) may also be present, wearing his pretty “development” mask over his true face of privatization and plunder. BEWARE! If you see Brown or any of his Errorist henchmen, please report them to the clown patrol nearest to you on the march, and keep your distance. CIRCA has mobilized to PATROL and PROTECT our movement, so that it is not HIJACKED by these ghoulish buffoons. Our movement’s unique accomplishment is the creation of a grassroots politics WITHOUT professional politicians and parliaments (as they have said in Bolivia, Argentine, Ecuador, Chiapas, and beyond, “Que se vayan todos! (Out with them all!)” We must not let these brown-nosing interlopers mislead us on our own march! Operation BROWN-NOSE will involve giving hugs to the needy, playing games with all our friends, and other similarly militant activities. We request full cooperation from the public for this operation. With love, laughter and red-nosed resistance, Colonel Oftruth General Confusion Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army PS: Operation Brown-Nose is a prelude to Operation HAHAHAA, to take place on July 6th at Gleneagles. PPS: Look out for the CIRCA TATOO coming to a castle near you!!

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