Sunday, March 05, 2006

God, the Devil and .... Tony?

Hell's bells!

So Tony Blair has decided that the time is right to follow Dubya's lead by admitting to the world, and Parky, that he is in fact, a Christian. Moreover , he had the bare faced cheek to tell us all that he is a practising Christian. And being a practising Christian he (1) prays when faced with a difficult decision; (2) lets his conscience guide him in such cases and (3) He believes that God will be the ultimate judge of his actions.

These are all very Christian practices and beliefs and I must admit that the controversy that this has created in the U.K has me a little perplexed. Firstly, I see nothing in Tony's words suggesting that he goes as far as saying that God told him to go to war. Secondly, in a free and democratic society, such as Britain, everybody has a right to practice their religion of choice. I assume this right is extended to persons in high public office, right?

So what's the problem?

Are Tony's critics saying that he should not use his conscience when making decisions with life and death implications? Would his critics deny him the right to pray privately at such times? That essentially he cannot be a Christian?

Or are they saying that Tony can pray and use his conscience and be a Christian all he wants, just don't tell us about it?


United Irelander said...

Well said. I agree.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with 3). As the elected prime minister it is for the people and the parliament to be the judge of actions he takes in that role.

He can't abdicate responsibility for such things and say "No, I am answerable to god on this". He is (or should be) directly accountable to the people.

Eamonn said...

I agree Sliabh, that the people and parliament should judge the actions of the prime minister. However Blair didn't say that only God should/can judge him. He said that he has acted according to his conscience and others would judge him for it, including God.