Wednesday, March 08, 2006

9/11 the new Grassy Knoll?

If you thought that JFK was the biggest conspiracy theory think again there is a 9/11 conspiracy now. All though about 95% of it can be easily debunked there is some less easily debunkable stuff. However if you like your conspiracy theories you'll enjoy this. Some people may find this offensive.


Godwhacker said...

I watched to whole video. I find it highly credible. I don't know why you say 95% of it is refutable. Also, I don't know who would find this offensive, except for those who it would implicate.

As with the Kennedy Assassinations, why should any information remain off limits?

Simon said...

Well alot of the scientific stuff i would disagree with. Also stuff like why would American Airways install a cell phone receiver on there planes The reason is that if they would be the mobile provider as they would be a stronger signal then from the ground. So they can charger as rooming. I think virgin atlantic are doing the same thing.

the pentagon stuff is a fairly strong arguement.

But the question is what happened all the people.

The first rule of a conspircy is to have few in the loop. The amount of people who would have to be in this makes it difficult for me to believe something didn't come out .

But it still is an interesting programme. The way people might be offended is that some may see it is denail.

Godwhacker said...

There are a few parts that don't really seem to mean much like those you mention, but they are rather incidental. The eyewitness accounts of multiple explosions seems highly credible. The fact that the towers collapsed as if by demolition is plain to see.

I don't think this would have taken that many people "in the loop". Military culture is based on following orders. You do, you don't think.

Please don't think I'm being argumentative or anything. I think it's great that you posted this. But if this was simply an attack carried out by a few Muslim extremists, then why would any information be "missing" or off limits.

Anonymous said...

Godwhacker Have a look at link
Regards Noel

Godwhacker said...

Hi Noel,
Thanks for the link. After reviewing it, I am still not swayed. I trust my own eyes before I trust ANYTHING else. What I see when I watch those tapes is a series of detonations the preceded the collapse of the towers.

Large buildings do not implode on themselves in that manor easily. Engineer must carefully place charges and time the explosions in order to prevent them from falling over sideways. The WYC fell in a manor consistent with a professional demolition.

If this was the act of a few muslim extremists, why will the government not release ALL of the available information on it? What is the national security issue? It does not add up.

Godwhacker said...

Also ~ Popular Mechanics is owned by the Hearst Corporation. Any good historian knows about the connections between William Randolph Hearst and Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

This video is a wack job! I can't believe anyone would watch this pile of crap and believe it. There are some misguided people in this country.