Friday, July 13, 2007

Top 6 Friday Movie Baddies

I know CK is the movie guy but I felt like taking his thunder this week. All suggestions welcome

No. 6.Alan Rickman in Die Hard. This guy is born to play a Villain and this is his finest hour.
No 5. Hal 9000 From 2000 a Space Odyssey . Chilling computer logical voice. Scary biscuits
No 4. The Wet Bandits, They got that pesky Kevin McAllister twice in Home Alone.
No 3 Dr. Hannibal Leckter. Enough Said.
No. 2 Darth Vader. Would be too predictable not to be number one.
No. 1 . Nazi s. Where would all those films be without random Nazi's to shoot.


CK said...

Simon, I like your list. 'The Wet Bandits' are a well deserving entry! I would have been uber predictable and put in a Bond villain I'd say, I realise Blofeld or Goldfinger rank at the top of classic villains but of my 'era' I liked Jonathan Pryce a lot in 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. For the sake of balance I also nominate Linda Fiorentino in 'The Last Seduction', though maybe there could be an entirely different list of femme fatale type vixens. Also do the birds in 'The Birds' count as bad guys 'cos they scared the beejesus out of me.

Yednnek said...

Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham could have earned a mention as well as his Hans Gruber. Both fantastic.
No Darth Vader though (?) and on a topical note, will Voldemort be there in time to come?