Monday, July 23, 2007

Charity Update.

Thanks for the suggestions on Charities. I have decided to go for 2 charities. First to the National Center for the Blind I gave a single donation. And I have decided to give a monthly donation to the Red Cross. (Actually the British one as I live in Britain and bank transfers just easier.) I would urge everyone here to give to Charity as well if they can. It is funny how guilty I felt giving money to these charities guiltier then I would if I was not giving them money. Because once you are giving them it, you start realising how little you are actually giving. I am giving about 3 hours pay a month to the Red Cross but when you think about it how much would you spend on a night out? Am I seriously doing that much for them. But also is it any use is aid useful? I remember this interview from an Kenyan Economist talking about the damage aid can do to these countries. If that is true should I be doing anything? That is one of the reasons I picked the Red Cross as most of their work is in crisis area's where emergency supplies are needed. But maybe I am wrong and maybe the guy is wrong. Who knows. But the act of donating has not aswayed my guilt but increased it.

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