Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latin Mass

Pope Benedict has so far certainly been nostalgic for ways of old in his term as Pope. He has been seen to wear parts of the Pope’s wardrobe not seen since medieval times, has claimed all other churches outside that of the Catholic Church to not be true churches and most recently passed a decree which will allow the reintroduction of the Latin Mass. In the face of any number of criticisms, suggestions of regression and worries surrounding the damage to inter-faith relationships, there has been some sign of concession as the Pope’s most senior spokesman has announced that there is a possibility the Vatican will remove prayers, traditionally said as part of the Latin Mass on Good Friday, which call for the conversion of Jews. The Good Friday prayer asks that God remove the "veil" from from Jewish heart so that they would recognise Jesus Christ. Is there any sense that if we could remove ourselves from the history of the Church and all we know and put the state of the planet and such statements in context here is a serious sense of farce about the whole thing. As I write it has been announced on the radio Michelle McManus is to play the role of the Virgin Mary in a disco version of the Nativity. I was at a bar in Salou, Spain once and the barman announced he had his way with Ms. McManus the night before. There were no words.

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