Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Resignation, by Tuathal

After much soul searching I've decided to hand in my badge here at the Dossing Times. I've had fun here and I'd like to thank Simon and CK for the work they put into this blog. I'd also like to thank you the readers and especially all those who comment. The three of us are crazy insecure and your comments are as good as a nice big hug when we're feeling blue.

However lately I haven't been contributing at all to the blog and I feel that it's right for me to go.

To finish I'd like to leave you with possibly my favourite moment from one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Scrubs. Anybody who cannot watch this without laughing, even after multiple viewings, is a friend of mine.

Hell, why not go out in style

My next post, on the Simpsons movie, will be my last post and is how I want to go out (In fact you probably read that before this post, oh well). So I think it's only fitting that I leave you with these sentiments (Kudos to the first to get the reference)

"This scene is gettin' old, man. I'm hittin' the road! Maybe I'll drop you a line someday from wherever I end up in this crazy old world!"

Be Good,


Unknown said...

luck luck. Thanks for all the work

CK said...

Tuathal, the blog was all the better with you posting on it, however often that was. I still owe you and Simon a lot for even introducing me to the world of blogging.I realise this is a bit high on the fructose content but there was something familial about the set up here, one that I will miss. Dam you homewrecker!

Anonymous said...

Hi, know I'm a bit late in commenting, but best of luck Tuathal. How about cameo roles on TDT? ;)

Anonymous said...

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