Saturday, July 07, 2007

The One to Watch: 'Dexter'

First up I am not recommending you watch Dexter of 'Dexter’s Laboratory'. If I were to praise an animated series chronicling the adventures of a child genius it would be Jimmy Neutron and even we are not on the best of terms after I watched the Jimmy Neutron Movie the day before an exam last year and cursed myself afterwards at the thought of the hour and a half I had wasted watching him. Either way, the ‘Dexter’ I write of is a Showtime series starring Michael C. Hall, best known for his role playing David in Six Feet Under, as a crime scene specialist who just also happens to be a vigilante serial killer, writing the worlds wrongs as he sees them. To ensure maximum dysfunction, his murderous leanings were encouraged by his father throughout his childhood. And of course the man is revered and admired by all those around him, those who learn of his true nature never getting the chance to spread the word. The premise alone would draw me in. So too any association with Six Feet Under is a plus for me and I can only hope that Hall has chosen as wisely as he did in getting involved in Six Feet Under, certainly that he is a fine actor is without doubt. The high praise coming from the reading I’ve done also doesn’t hurt so I look forward to watching Sunday, July 8th on FX. Reading this after that date, don’t fret, FX are good for reruns throughout the week.

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