Monday, July 23, 2007

Buckfast in trouble

For any of you who went to NUI Galway I have bad news for you. The drink that we so affectionately enjoyed for years, that was the social lubricant for so many, the drink that induced the buckmucks in the morning Bucky is in trouble. It seems the Scottish assembly is after it with a passion. Just a month after Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill called the creation of a Buckfast Sorbet as "crass and insensitive". Mr MacAskill, who represents Edinburgh East and Musselburgh, pledged to crack down on "irresponsible" alcohol promotions earlier this month.
He told the BBC Scotland news website: "Things such as this reinforce the problem. We should stick to exotic flavours of ice cream.

"Some things are just not funny. Scotland has a problem with alcohol, it's a well-known fact.

"Ice cream is to be enjoyed but frankly this is crass and insensitive."

Now to me buckfast seems quiet an exotic flavour of ice-cream certainly more exotic then Strawberry. And I doubt anyone is going to get pissed on a sorbet of Buckfast unlike a bottle of Scotch which I doubt MacAskill would never dream of calling for banning.

But it seems that the EU still wants to ban buckfast. For anyone that has ever drunk at the Spainish Arch I issue a rallying cry. They may take our lives but they will never take our BUCKFAST.

God bless those monks.

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