Friday, July 27, 2007

New Spock

J.J Abrams as well as teasing us with whatever this ‘Cloverfield’ project will turn out to be is also of course re-imagining, re-hashing, re-making, screwing with or bringing a new vision to the Star Trek series. The man to the left, Zachary Quinto, you may recognise as a character from ‘Heroes’, if not, then find some solace in the fact he does a fine job playing the villain of that series so should be ably equipped to play the legendary character of Spock. I still have nightmares from my first night out with staff from my new job, discovering some of the senior staff were Trekkies I was somehow (aka drunkenly) dragged into playing the part of Spock (i.e. providing the harmony) in a recreation of a campfire singalong scene from The Wrath of Khan. It wasn’t pretty or harmonious. I take much pride in having found a picture of Quinto emphasising his ears.

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