Saturday, July 28, 2007

In Defence of Cleavage

I remember a scene in 'Primary Colours' as a political aide sitting in a cafe watched John Travolta, deliver a speech, playing a thinly disguised version of Bill Clinton. Emma Thompson stands behind Travolta on screen, looking distinctly Hilaryesque. The aide is hooked up to comms and is relaying feedback on the comments of those surrounding him in the cafe. One of the comments he passes to the back room of analysts is a comment that the potential first lady's hair could be shorter, based on the assesment of a woman sitting next to him. There is no doubting the effort, thought and commentary from all quarters on fashion, attire and presentation and this seems to be evident more than ever with Hilary Clinton emerging as the lead Democrat nominee for next years campaign.

John Edwards, during last weeks CNN - Youtube debate, even went as far as choosing Clintons wardrobe choice as a ground to knock her on. Now, it seems a low cut top, Mrs. Clinton wore during a speech to the House this week, has caught the attention of those who like to drag stories from the deep recesses of their mind that come up with ways to waste ink and energy. As ever issues matter not, I dread to think to things this woman will have thrown at her. Then again we are dealing with the country that seemed to relieve itself of all semblence of sense on Janet Jacksons Superbowl performance a few years back. To everyone who took an excessively moral stance on that story and on Clinton choosing to wear a V-neck I say take this: