Saturday, February 25, 2006

Riots in Dublin

Update: I have decided to post a link to my opinion on the The Riots and the consequences at the top of this post. Also my opinion on the Love Ulster Parade a few weeks ago. What follows is the post I created on the day. As the news came in on 26/02/06

What is the deal with the riots between Republican Sinn Fein and the Gardaí­. If there was anything that the likes of Paisley needed to futher say they would not be tolerated in a United Ireland this is it.

I have posted about the Love Ulster Parade some weeks ago.

Update. report that there is about 600 people rioting. They have blocked O'Connell street. They are using the rubble from the building site to throw.And that the Gardaí don't think the Love ulster Parade will go ahead.

Update: BBC report.

The Irish Times weather Camera shows the rioting

Update: Dublin Traffic Cameras have Pictures

Update:">St Stevens Green and City Quey closed.

Update: report. The Rioting has now moved towards Nassau street .Where there is no Gardaí. Cars have been over turned and burned. The Fire has spread to a Building. The Fire Brigade is not there.

Update : the Love ulster People have been bused home

Update: The PD's office has been attacked. The Gardaí have charged the Riots on Nassau St and has been brought under control. TV crews have been attacked.

Update: BBC have TV footage. Can watch it here

Update: Backstreet Drivers have some Photos. There are definite signs this has been pre-planed. People don't bring petrol into town for peaceful protestors. Update: Newstalk report Charlie Bird was seen with his head bleeding

I would say that the attack on the PDs office. Shows that McDowell is getting to the republican movement.

Update: Politians Condemn it. Sinn Fein Sean Crowe says "some people allowed themselves to be provoked by the 'Love Ulster' rally". Seems to me that he is saying that they let themselves fall for a loyalist trap. Rather then saying that is unacceptable for people's right to protest being violated.

Update: A rioter in Dublin said that he was fighting for his country. Des Dalton VP Republican Sinn Fein. Says that RSF are not participating in the riot. Does not condomn it. Says that the Political establishment is out of touch. Saying the rioters are ordinary Dubliners. Who don't like the sectarian Love ulster parade.

Update: 100 people have charged into Jervis Street Shopping centre.

Why are RTE radio not covering this. All these people who have been caught in the riot. Could have been able to leave the city if they had been informed. But RTE the public service broadcaster is having sports news how is that public service.

Update: Kevin from DL has an Eye Witness Report.

Update: Look at the guy in the centre with the brick

Great pictures. From 06scura check them out. Hat tip (Red Mum)

Update: 37 arrested.

Update: Elblogador has a good piece on it.

Update: The rioting seems to have died down thank god.

Update: Philbsboro has more photos

Update: Loads more Photos on Flickr

Update 17:41: 16 in Hospital 6 of them Gardaí and 40 arrested

Update 21:39. From the Dublin City traffic Camera. A battered and bruised O'Connell Street returns to "normal". I will upload a post a more substantial post about The Riots and the consequences Later

Update: 23:00 CNN say it is IRA supporters

Auds has links to other blogs talking about it An Spailpin has an interesting theory

Update: Shocking Picture of an Asian Guy being attacked. There certainly more to this riot then republicanism

Back seat drivers have pictures. Hat tip TAFKABO on Slugger

Update: United Irelander has some shocking Video footage.

Update: Riots in portadown as well.

More videos here.

Twenty talks about it as only twenty can. Direct, true and very crude.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell. Says Gardaí 'were unprepared for Dublin riot' Update: A special Sunday Bunch Podcast.

Update : The Dail(parliment) Debate about the riots has started. Can be followed here.


Simon said...

The only thing covering it is Newstalk.

Red Mum said...

The pictures are amazing. what a clever thought!!!!!

I have seen more in blogs than on the news.

Kevin Breathnach said...

I'm on it saint. I've got an eye witness report on DL.

Mick said...

Just heard there's cars burning in Kildare Street!

Auds said...

Well done on your coverage, Saint.

Just saw Charlie Bird on the 6.01 - he was called an "orange bastard" (or something) and a few people started beating him - but now he's fine.

Kevin Breathnach said...

Ah, Auds, he looked a bit scruffy.

Auds said...

Kevin, he was scruffy, but not bleeding or in hospital. All good things. Apparently he was not the only reporter singled out.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Bird looks REALLY well on the
6 o'clock news
for somebody who claims to have been punched, and punched and then punched some more in the face.

He is obviously of that consistency that doesn't bruise easily.

Anonymous said...

I think this goes to prove that Sinn Fein/IRA don’t want a PROD about the place.

A real own goal - hows Gerry and Martin going to explain this in Washington ?

Headlines on CNN “IRA supporters disrupt parade, attack police”


Anonymous said...

I think you may discover JC that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Sinn Fein, or its 'supporters'.
- Nick

Anonymous said...

How many more Irish blogs is this nitwit JC gonna post the same drivel? Get a life, will ya.

Anonymous said...

Ohh dear is the true hurting - headlines round the world IRA Supporters attack Dublin police.

Thats all that cocerns me - its help our cause up North 200%


Anonymous said...

Good craic

MDIJim said...

Idiots! JC's got it right. Between Turkey and Indonesia there's a billion people whose religious leaders don't care whether you're a Prod or a Taig, they just want you dead. What's next for the republicans, flying planes into buildings, or will it be bombing trains? Well done, and thanks for the coverage.

Lady Base Camp said...

Stunning photos-- amazing work you've done in covering this event.