Thursday, February 23, 2006

The hardmen Trinity

There is this image of people who go to Trinity. As rich D4ers who speak highly proper English. The people that Sinn Fein like to call west-brits. The kinds of people who go on about Drico. And talk about being Ghetto while being basically weak wusses. I will admit I had that kind of prejudice as well. So I was walking around Trinity yesterday. and I was watching everyone an they looked like any other college campus in Ireland. However I soon realised they are the toughest people in the country.

Graffiti is a part of any modern campus. It varies slightly from place to place but not really in tone. It can be quiet intimidating. Now I am not that easily intimidated. I mean some years ago when I was threatened to be stabbed in Limerick. I was not intimidated. True it was 8am on a Saturday morning and my would be stabber was cycling a bike with stabilisers up William Street and was only about 8. But still it was Limerick he probably had a knife.

But in trinity I saw possibly the most intimidating thing I have ever seen graffitied. I mean I have been in Bathrooms in NUIG where I was told by arrows pointing at the bottom of the cubicle door to "Beware of limbo dancing Midgets". In Queens in Belfast I was told stuff like the UVF will kill all Fenians

However Trinity tops all that for the sheer hatred and connotations of violence visited upon my person. Shivers ran down my spine as I read

"you smell like a fool"
My image of Triners being wusses has been well and truly shattered they truly are as tough as teak.


United Irelander said...

The image of D4 types seems to plague every college. Didn't Kevin Myers go to UCD? Griffith College is another one with a reputation for D4 types. I'm not sure about DCU, they might not have many D4 types seeing as it's on the Northside but you never know...

Anonymous said...

I was threated with being stabbed by a 5 or 5 year old in Limerick once (in O'Malley Park). When I smiled with wry indulgence down at him, I realised the little fucker actually had a stanley knife. God knows where he got it.

Simon said...

stanley knife eh. why am I not surprised. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Twenty Major had done a poo nefore the Trinners scribe put pen to door.

I live in D4, by the way, but I'm salt of the earth myself :-)