Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hope for the Middle East

The always interesting Lebanon an Irish Experience through the bottom of a glass Has a great piece about the recent events in Lebanon.
MacDara was witness to a people at their best, Young and old, Christian , Druze and Muslim were all there to remind the politicians that it is there country and that they want to live together in peace and prosperity.
Lebanon is really showing the middle east how the future can be bright.


Anonymous said...

Saint: This shows what can happen given the right attitude, timing, experience, willingness , trust and good will. Someday I hope to see that here but Ill not hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Parnell, Most people here in Lebanon would look to Ireland as the way to sort out their problems. They actully believe the trouble in Ireland was worse than the Civil war here even though the death toll here was over 150,000. When I first came here in 1998 they were calling the Irish madmen( it was just after Omagh bomb). Yesterday was one small step but the divide between some parties is still significant