Monday, February 13, 2006

Little Green Footballs Attack Mary McAleese

The pinnacle of American debate that is the Little Green Footballs don't like Mary . With such choice comments as "you ignorant biotch" "She doesn't mean it, the infidel tart". "CAN WE START BOMBING THESE IRISH BASTARDS NOW?" They use loyalist sites as a source of facts. Which is a bit like using for facts on Israel. They have also come up with such well researched facts as.
Oh, well. What do you expect from Nazi sympathizers? the Irish, I mean. They hated England so much they sided with Hitler in WW II.


United Irelander said...

Ugh. Too many uneducated arseholes on that thread. I had to leave it.

Simon said...

I know. There is a point to made about what mary said. but none of them are even attempting to make it.

Auds said...

Wow, that thread has so many ignornant inhbitants.