Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tree Hugging Rock-Stars

The growing craze amongst the conscience driven pop star is to 'carbon neutralise' their music by buying enough trees to absorb the carbon produced by their albums and tours. Chris Martin has just bought 50,000 trees to make ammends for Coldplay's latest album and the upcoming tour. Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but wouldn't you need to purchase land and plant the required number of new trees in order to truely carbon neutralise their music. What's the point of buying trees that are already in existence and will absorb the carbon anyway? Coldplay aren't the only people to jump at the opportunity to do something for the environment however, with the Rolling Stones, David Gray, KT Tungstel and the Sex Pistols all owning forests around the world. It all appears to be a big scam to fool gullible rock stars however. As the director of Climate Care put it "When Mick Jagger's trees die in 50 years' time, they will release the CO2 they have been storing at a time when the situation is likely to be more critical." You can't blame Chris though. Man, if I had made millions from releasing pretty much the same album over and over again, I'd be feeling a little guilty too.

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