Saturday, February 18, 2006

Irish Election Blog

The Irish Election Blog is a small attempt by Irish bloggers to get together and blog the Irish election. Most posts that appear will be cross-posted with the authors own personal blog. It is the intention of the contributors to add unique content to the blog in the run up to the election. It will be interesting to see how will this go. If this will become popular and increase blog readership it could be great. I am going to post some stuff over there. Not sure how much yet. But I'll see how it goes. But check out the site some great bloggers posting there. And Labour Deputy Leader Liz McManus has the introductory post. From the site
If you are a blogger interested in joining this project, email replacing -at- with @. All bloggers are welcome, irrespective of ideology, we just ask that you have some familiarity with Irish politics.
So join up if you wish.

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