Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sean Haughey who does he think he is.

From RTE
The TD, who had been widely tipped for promotion, told RTE‰ News he believed he was best placed for the post and he was baffled by the decision not to appoint him. Mr Haughey said while he accepted that such appointments were entirely at the discretion of the Government, the decision indicated that he was unlikely to secure the higher office which would enable him to represent his constituents at the level they deserved.
Translation: Enable me to get the job I think I deserve. Also with talk of him moving to the PD's which would be spectacular considering the way his father treated Des O' Malley. This guy is a pure self-serving opportunist in my opinion. Just shows you the apple does fall far from the tree.

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Anonymous said...

"self-serving opportunist"... I think that is the dictionary definition of politician