Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dossing Times poll question.

I saw this statement over on Irish Health

“2 in 5 doctors believe obese patients, smokers and heavy drinkers should be excluded from some treatments”

Primary Care study Suffolk, UK

If you are sick of something that is your own fault such as lung cancer from smoking or liver damage from drinking. Something that you know that is bad for you. Should the state pay for your treatment.

So the poll questioon is If you are sick because of your own actions does the state have a duty of care.

Vote now on the right.


Anonymous said...

It seems unfair to me not to take addiction into account

Simon said...

but considering that people (especially young people) now know the evils of smoking for instance are they to not to blame.

Just putting this out for debate is all. I wouldn't say yet where my views lie on the issue

Chief RZ said...

No, and that is one of my pet peeves. They should pay for the treatments themselves, or with their own private insurance, but not government, taxpayer welfare.