Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The abortion debate is griping the Irish Blogsphere. So I guess I better put my views on virtual paper. Now I have often been called a fence sitter and I guess in many ways I am. But on this issue I take much the same attitude as I do on drugs. Drugs are bad but should be legalised. Same with abortion. I think abortion is basically wrong but should be legalised. Now I know this argument will result in both sides destroying my argument as it is based on zero principles. But I believe I’m right so poo to you . Whatever law that is brought into Ireland (or not in this case) abortion is still going to be available in the UK. This is going to result in women still going to the UK to have abortions. So we can bury our head in the sand on this issue or face facts. But the real victims (the foetus are inevitable victims) in this are the women coming back in the veil of secrecy. In serious need of supports. If abortion services were supplied in the state a better after care services could be provided and women would not be suffering in silence on this issue. Also in the state women could be allowed to see all the options or maybe after counselling more would chose adoption or to keep the child.


Eamonn said...
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Godwhacker said...

I agree saint.

The simple answer for those who are against abortion is "don't have one", but don't tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body.

Auds said...

"don't tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body"

Agree - but when abortion is also about another body, choice does seem like a lesser value to hold dear when human beings become expendable.
There are always 2 opposing forces in the abortion debate because there are 2 bodies involved. Which makes it much more complicated than "abortions for all, except those who don't want any"

Anonymous said...

Auds, do you not think that at least in the early stage of the pregnancy that, for all intents and purposes, there is one body - the embryo cannot survive outside of the womans body.

And I'll also refer to my post on the subject and re-iterate that it is the choice of nobody but the woman who is pregnant to decide whether to continue or to end pregnancy. Not anyone else.

Godwhacker said...

Even if there are two bodies (something I don't agree with during the early stages of pregnancy) a woman still has a right to her body.