Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Abortion Debate Poll

I am putting my current poll on hold for a while to deal with the more important question of Abortion. Some blogs are weighing on the issue at the moment. So I think a poll question to see where attitudes lie is important. So you shall she the poll on the right. Please vote. Edit:some people can not see it for some reason. So can get poll here as well. Edit: The debate is building up. by the if you click the here you can see the pole

Edit: BTW Extreme case would be life and death decided by doctors so would still not be pro-choice.

Edit: Just realised the problem with the poll had to do with Internet Explorer.I am using Firefox and the poll worked fine. But I just checked it in IE and there was the problem. Sorry about that all. Or maybe it is Bill Gates that should be sorry. Anyway I think that is fixed now. So go vote on the right. If you still can't see it tell me and also the browser you are using. Sorry about this again.

For Fiona de Londras weighs in with Abortion Should be legal
Where's me country
Tom Cosgrave
Fiona a little more on Abortion
Me the saint
Damien Mulley
El Matador All-Ireland Abortion Policy Needed

Sarah Carey Life and death decision our leaders can’t face

Against Auds weighs in on the other side with The Next Big Thing -– Abortion Debate
Balrog Abortionists demand legalisation of murder
Michael Larkin disillusioned lefty
Tuathal run for cover its debate on abortion
Auds just another little bit more about
In Fact ah In opposition to abortion on demand
Auds. Abortion - Kid Rock, Reasons for, Men and Adoption

Plain of Pillars sarah-carey and abortion
Plain of Pillars Abortion


Cian said...

Will we see the dossing crew weigh in on the issue?

Simon said...

personelly i don't have very strong views. but i can't speak of the others.
maybe i will try to poke holes in everyones arguements :)

Cian said...

oh the luxury. Still even that role is essential in an argument such as this which reuires some grounding in reality every once in a while!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the "For" camp. Here's my own post...

Simon said...

your added to the list of blogs on the for side. This is builing up nicely

Auds said...

I can't find the poll. Where is it?

Simon said...

on the right side bar under poll explanation post

Anonymous said...

I can't see the poll either.

Simon said...

the disappearing poll is strangeg anyway can click here as well

Chris said...

Trying to get an open debate started on abortion. If you have some interest, check out my blog.


Simon said...

added you rinceoir

Niall said...

Nice to see somebody organising this.

I'm against abortion. I've two relevant posts.




Anon said...

The abortion debate is an interesting one. The reference to the "desires of the mob" raises the question of when does law have force. In the case of the last abortion referendum the Government attempted to insert criminal legislation into the constitution, an untidy way of giving legislation constitutional status which didn't fit with the overall scheme of the Constitution as a series of very general principles (some woefully outdated) which require legislation and common law to flesh them out. An analogy with a criminal trial may be helpful. In a criminal case where a jury is split 50/50 there is an acquital. The country is split approximately 50/50 in relation to the abortion issue. Are we a hung jury? Is it the case therefore that laws which criminalise (or equally laws which provide for) abortion are in some sense not laws properly so called or not entitled to the force of law. Merely theorising here...just an idea.

Anon said...

"Desires of the mob" was referred to by Niall in his post.